As we all know, with the rapid development of the world economy today, many super cities have been born. Let us take a look.


Singapore is a developed capitalist country, Singapore has now become one of the international financial centers. Together with Hong Kong in Asia, London in Europe, and New York in North America, it constitutes an important part of the global pattern of international financial centers, and is also the largest foreign exchange market in the Asia-Pacific region. At the same time, Singapore is a multicultural immigrant country, and there are many Chinese and Chinese descendants in the country.

New York

As early as 2013, New York's GDP surpassed that of Tokyo, and it has been ranked first in the world for four years. As the largest city in the world, the influence of this city is far beyond your imagination, and it is called the world financial center. Times Square in New York is known as the crossroads of the world.


It is said that London is the only city in the world whose financial index can be tied with New York, and is the largest city in Europe. London is located on the plains of southeastern England, across the Thames, 88 kilometers from the Thames estuary. West London is the seat of the British Royal Palace and government ministries, East London is an industrial area and a residential area for workers, and the southern area is a mixed area of industry, commerce and residential. London is the world's largest international foreign exchange market and international insurance center, as well as one of the world's largest financial and trade centers.


Paris is the largest city on the European continent and one of the most prosperous cities in the world. The entire city of Paris accounts for one-fifth of the country's population, which shows its influence. Paris is located in northern France, on the west bank of the Seine. It attracts tourists from all over the world with its beautiful scenery, rich historical sites, diverse cultural activities and modern service facilities.


Copenhagen is the capital, largest city and largest port of the Kingdom of Denmark. It is also the political, economic, cultural and transportation center of Denmark, and is a world-renowned international metropolis.Copenhagen city is beautiful and clean.The old city is radially arranged with the central square as the core.The newly built northwest suburbs are separated from the old city by lakes. The emerging large-scale industrial enterprises in the city and the ancient buildings of the Middle Ages complement each other, which is both a modern city and an antique feature.


Tokyo is a modern international city located at the southern end of the Kanto Plain of Honshu. It has 23 special districts and 26 cities under its jurisdiction, with a total area of 2187.66 square kilometers. Tokyo is a modern international city. Tokyo has the world's most complex, densest, and highest-traffic railway transportation system and commuter station cluster. It is one of the world's most economically prosperous cities with developed commercial activities.


Sydney is the capital of New South Wales, Australia, bordering the South Pacific. It is the largest city and port in Australia and even Oceania, and one of the most prosperous cosmopolitan cities in the world.