Today let's get to know the most thrilling roads in the world and take a look at some of the most dramatic landscapes on Earth. These roads require you to be on high alert at all times when driving. Although dangerous, you can see scenery that few people can see. However, remember to keep your eyes on the road and not be distracted.

Atlantic Coast Highway - Norway

No self-driving tourist should miss this highway. The road connects the Norwegian town of Ed and the island of Everly, and the entire road passes through 12 bridges with different characteristics. In the process of driving, you will find that the road is either shrouded in water mist or beaten by huge waves. The road was originally planned as a railway route, and a highway was built in 1989. Now, it is often the location for big-name car commercials.

Kolyma Highway - USA

The Kolyma Highway is 2,032 kilometers long. The Kolyma Highway is also known as the "Ghost Road". In the construction of this road, unfortunately a lot of road workers sacrificed, hence the name. Of the year, the Kolyma road is in action for the longest time in winter. Trucks and other vehicular traffic laden with cargo can be busy at this time. However, the journey at this time is very dangerous, and it is often difficult for vehicles to move forward before the heavy snow blocks the mountains.

Dalton Highway - USA

This almost gravel Alaska road is one of the loneliest routes in the world—that's what makes it so appealing. Only a quarter of the 666-kilometer Dalton Highway is paved. As the route crosses the Arctic Circle, through the Brooks Mountains, and toward the Arctic Ocean, the trail gets tough.

The road was built in the early 1970s to help build oil pipelines. It wasn't until 2009, when a TV show about it aired, that this dangerous and beautiful road became famous.

You won't see many cars on this road, and it's hard to get food supplies because there's only one rest stop on the entire road. If you want to drive on this road, you must make a careful plan and prepare life-saving equipment.

General Martin Route 40 - Argentina

The General Martin National Road No. 40 in Argentina is a national road that stretches more than 5,000 kilometers from La Guaira in the northern province of Jujuy to Cape Verginis in the southern province of Santa Cruz. This partially unpaved state road is lined with national parks. The national highway also runs parallel to the Andes, passing through the wild and windy regions of remote Patagonia.

Trostigo winding road - Norway

Ready for motion sickness pills? You might need it before taking on Norway's famous Trostigo winding road. The height of the road will climb 10% during the driving process, and there will be 11 turns in the process of climbing, and the surrounding mountain scenery is like a fairy tale. Along the way, you will pass many impressive waterfalls, such as the Stigfossen Falls which is over 300 meters high. There is a modern visitor center near the top of the mountain, where many self-driving drivers choose to rest.

Yungas Road - Bolivia

Known as the "Road of Death", Yungas Road connects the Amazon rainforest and northern Bolivia, running through 600-meter-high steep cliffs without guardrails. Although Yungas Road is known as the most dangerous mountain road, this does not prevent it from becoming one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bolivia, because of the rolling mountains and beautiful Amazon rainforest on the road.