Go to Switzerland to see the fairy tale world in the snow. Switzerland has beautiful scenery and pleasant environment. It is known as the "world park" and is very rich in tourism resources. If you love nature, you must come to Switzerland. With spectacular snow-capped mountains, vast meadows and pure air, it is home to what may be the happiest cattle in the world. Especially in winter, it will become a fairy tale world, white and flawless, red trains speeding in the snow, the legendary snow country train is like this.


Shirakawa-go in Japan is known as the "Snow City of Japan". When you get here, you will feel like you have entered a romantic world described in a fairy tale, which is a model of Japanese symbiosis with wisdom and nature. In winter, Baichuan Township will be completely covered with snow, with thatched cottages dotted in the vast world. Coming to Japan's "Snow Town" is not just about seeing the snow. Come to Shirakawa-go to see not only snow, but also history.


Norway, an exciting place. There is Oslo, known as the "Valley of God", Bergen, known as the "Gateway to the Fjord", Stavanger, the European capital of culture, and Tromso, one of the best places to watch the aurora. Of all the places, the most fascinating is the fishing port in Norway in winter. In winter, it is covered with snow, and colorful houses are dotted between pure white, which is more interesting. Especially at night, the warm lights of each household light up the land. From a distance, it seems like a little bit of starlight falls into the world, which is extremely beautiful.

Yorkshire Dales, England

The Yorkshire Dales are located in a remote area of northern England. When winter arrives, the whole area sinks into darkness, but there are still amazing views. Such as the mountain scenery, the bright morning light and the occasional sheep emerging from the snow. The Yorkshire Dales, with its picturesque villages and rocky hills, are the most beautiful places here. In winter, it is like a "snowland on earth" isolated from the world, and the pure beauty makes people detached from the world and feels more peaceful.

Canada johnston canyon

Located in picturesque Banff National Park, Johnston Canyon is one of the four canyons in the Canadian Rockies. This canyon was eroded by river water for thousands of years, so there are many streams and waterfalls in the canyon. The terrain of the canyon is deep and dangerous, and the vegetation is lush. In summer, the vegetation is lush and the air is fresh; in winter, the trees are covered with crystal ice.

Cesky Krumlov

There are two Krumlov cities in the Czech Republic, here is Krumlov in South Bohemia. The town is listed as a fairy tale town by UNESCO. The buildings in the town range from Gothic to Baroque, as well as the oldest Baroque theatre in the world. It is surrounded by Cangshan Mountains and the Vltava River flows through the town. This winter snow-covered town has a different flavor.