Since ancient times, men have observed flying birds with envy: there is no other feeling that can provoke that same sense of freedom. For that reason -and thanks to invaluable efforts, human beings have managed to develop an endless number of inventions in order to be able to fly. Some of them worked, some of them had catastrophic consequences, but at the end, we made it.

Paragliding is the closest to flying like a bird that any human can be, since paragliders are ultralight and flexible, and uses the wind as its sole propellant, without the need for an engine or fuel. A paraglider is an aircraft built only with cloth and ropes. It has no rigid structure other than the chair. It takes off and lands with its feet and weighs approximately 20 kg. Nowadays, paragliders are built in such a way that they do not need steep slopes for take-off, just a slope facing the wind, whose speed or intensity must oscillate between 10 and 25 Km/h. A variant added later is an engine attached to the back of the pilot, which allows to take off from a flat terrain. This new sport is called powered paragliding.

Paragliding is one of the MOST AMAZING things that you must experience at least once in your whole lifetime! It is something that you will never regret! And here are 5 powerful reasons why!

1. Enjoy the great health benefits of practicing paragliding outdoors

Apart from offering an endless source of fun and adventure opportunities, being outdoors surrounded by nature is extremely great and healthy for your body, mind, and soul. You will have the chance to breathe fresh air and feel how the warm rays of sun boot the mood as well as your immune system. There are evidences enough which prove that vitamin D from the sun gives your body a great boost of serotonin, as well as contributing to a strong skeletal system.


You can go up to the sky while riding a hot air balloon, a helicopter or an airplane. You can even dive from the sky as if you are really flying yourself. But know that paragliding is without the use of a motor or an engine. You just fly from the ground with your own feet! The inflatable wing, your feet and the air all work together to let you enjoy this aerial sport. You start lightly running from below with your parachutes already positioned and let the winds draw you up to the firmaments. Paragliders can travel midair being light because of their functional flying equipment. Isn’t it just astounding and heartwarming to be able to take flight from your own feet?! Paragliding experts tag this micro-sport as the easiest form of human flight. You cannot fly from your toes in any other way similar to paragliding. Definitely unbelievable!

3. Paragliding gives you a boost of self-confidence

Although anyone can practice paragliding, there are lots of people who are afraid of trying it. Paragliding is a very mental sport. Do you know that feeling you get when you accomplished something you never thought you could? That is what you feel after your first flight! After doing it, you wonder yourself why you hadn’t tried it before, but you must see for yourself how relaxing, easy and exhilarating paragliding is. Once you get the initial boost of self- confidence, you will be motivated to take your skills to the next level. This confidence boost could even change your life because it can even be a great help in your daily routine. Paragliding may help you feel like a brand-new person!


Absolutely one of the major reasons why many people are so fuelled up to experience paragliding is the majestic and heart-stopping beauty of creation! There’s no way that its grace and allure will not make anyone stand in awe! What makes paragliders appreciate and fall in love more deeply with the world’s magnificence is the spectacular angle from which they witness it! Imagine hovering the skies to heights of 5,000 feet, 18,000 feet, 23,000 feet! Not to mention, the height varies among different paragliding companies and locations and, of course, weather conditions. It’s incredible! Paragliding’s speed can be adjusted, and it’s usually slow which makes the event even more meaningful. It lets you relish the priceless moment which can never be taken back and surely cannot be seen elsewhere. No exaggerations at all. The fascinating views from paragliding are unbeatable and unmatched. From nature’s refreshing views to the cityscapes’ dash, they are all marvelous to see from such a perspective. This sport will make you feel like you’re just strolling around the vastest visible gift to mankind but with your feet floating in the sky. Immerse in the tranquility and joy that’s naturally set by such wonders! Picturesque scenes are breathtaking, you might want to stay up there forever! Cool thing, there are cameras ready to take your most unforgettable and astonishing paragliding experiences!

5. No more stress thanks to paragliding

Thanks to this sport you will be focused on the present moment. That means a little boost of the zen that we all need to keep us from living in the past or worrying about the future constantly. While you practice paragliding, your core focus is always what is presently going on, leaving your concentration levels high. The chaos and the stress of your daily life seem to disappear once you are flying — giving your mind that reset it needed.