Mountains are beautiful creation of nature. Asian mountains are no doubt at the roof of this world, but there are many majestic mountain ranges in other continents also. Specially the continent of Europe is home to some of the most famous mountains in the world, loved by both tourists and mountaineers.

Europe is actually home to a myriad of world-famous, world class mountains, particularly those with impressively high peaks. So, for the adventure travelers who isn’t afraid of a little snow, here is a list of the famous mountains in Europe.

1. Mount Blanc

Mount Blanc rises about 15771 feet about the sea level which is approximately equals to some 4807 meters. It is the highest mountain in Western Europe. The mountain lies in Alps on French-Italian border. In French it is called La Dame Blanche which means ‘The White Lady’. This mountain is famous for snowboarding, skiing, and mountaineering and hiking.

2. Mount Etna

Mountain climbing know-how isn’t the only thing you’ll need when it comes to Mount Etna. Throw in the fact that it’s Europe’s largest active volcano, and you’ll need more than a little courage to climb up it. It actually last erupted in 2018. We’re not sure you’ll get us that close to an active volcano tbh, but each to their own. While you can admire it from afar, if you want to get a little closer a guided hike will show off its craters and lava flows – an incredible sight for those brave enough.

3.Mount Shkhara

Shkhara is simply another stunning, snow-topped peak, and in fact, Georgia’s highest summit. The highest point is a 12 km (7.5 mi) ridge known as Bezingi, which is 5,201 m (17,060 ft) high. Shkhara was first summited in 1888 and is not considered an easy climb by any means. However, aspiring climbers dissuaded by the challenge may be equally charmed by Shkhara’s local Georgian village, Ushguli, which is an official UNESCO World Heritage Site.

4.The Matterhorn

This Matterhorn is the real deal and it’s a bucket-list location for experienced mountain climbers. It towers nearly 15,000 feet above the Italian-Swiss border and basically means “the peak in the meadows” – peak in the meadows sounds much less scary than The Matterhorn don’t you think?! So, how can you brave this beast? You can gaze at it from a distance from the Gornergrat’s panoramic viewing platform, strap on some skis and glide across the Matterhorn glacier or visit in summer for a once-in-a-lifetime climbing adventure. But with a mountain like this, always choose your battles wisely!

5. Monte Rosa

Monte Rosa, second highest in Western Europe and Alps and the highest mountain is Switzerland. This mountain is nearly 15203 feet (approx. 4634 meters) higher than the sea level. Monte Rosa lies near Swiss - Italian frontier. The name Monte Rosa is derived from the word roëse, means Glacier, as it is a round snow covered mountain. For many climbers, this mountain is ideal for climbing from the normal north side route in summers.

6. Mount Dom

Though it might be an anticipated choice, when talking European mountains, it’s impossible to avoid mentioning the Alps. However, those whose pondering of the Swiss Alps has never made it past The Matterhorn and Mont Blanc will be surprised to learn of the majesty of Dom, the third highest peak in the range clocking in at an impressive 4,545 m (or 14,911 ft). It, along with it’s twin, Taschhorn, make for a pretty pair of mountain majesty. As far as mountain climbing goes, Dom is actually considered an easy climb, despite its impressive height. It is also the point of intersection between the main Alps chain and an auxiliary chain running from Schwarzberghorn in the South to Distelhorn, meaning the summit offers impressive views of neighboring mountains peaks.