Pink roses represent the beautiful first love. Pink roses are not as hot as red roses, nor as gentle as white roses. They are only light pink like the silent tenderness but better than speaking out loud a thousand words.

The beauty of pink roses is not as loud and publicized as red roses, and their symbolic love is not so hot, but it is a little more warm, sweet, and tender, which is suitable for girls who are not so outgoing but very sweet inside. Pink roses represent moving and declaration of love.

Pink roses also represent gratitude and happiness. They can be sent to express your thankfulness. Pink roses are also suitable to be given to lovers on your anniversary, representing eternal company. Pink roses are not as passionate as red roses, nor as pale as white roses, but a kind of love that is always accompanied and gentle as water.

There are many stories about roses. Here are two of them.

In the Roman Empire, there was a beautiful girl named Rhodes. Her beauty attracted countless enthusiastic suitors to pursue her persistently. Rhodes was so overwhelmed that he had to go to the temple of his friend Diana to avoid her suitors. Unfortunately, Diana was jealous. When the suitors rushed into the gate of the temple to get close to their beloved Rhodes, Diana got angry and turned Rhodes into a rose and her suitors into thorns.

In Greek legend, the rose was created by the Greek flower god, Cross. At first, the rose was just a lifeless seed of a fairy in the forest. One day, Cross, the God of flowers, accidentally found it in an empty area in the forest. Cross asked Aphrodite, the God of love, to give it beauty; Dionysus, the God of wine, to sprinkle divine wine to give it a fragrant smell; The three goddesses of beauty and benefit to give it charm, intelligence and joy. Then the westerly God blew away the clouds so Apollo, the god of sun, was able to shine on it and make it bloom. In this way, the rose was born and immediately became the queen of flowers.