Some people say that every girl waiting for love is a bunch of holy calla lilies. As long as there is the moisture of love, calla lilies will bloom gracefully. Calla Lily, a symbol of happiness, is a common flower in wedding bouquets in European countries and is also the national flower of Ethiopia.

Calla lilies like a warm, humid, and sunny environment. They are not resistant to cold and drought. The suitable temperature for them to grow is 15 ~ 25 ℃, and the temperature at night cannot be lower than 13 ℃. If the temperature is higher than 25 ℃ or lower than 5 ℃, they will be forced to sleep. Calla lilies like water. The soil should be kept moist during the growth period. After the tubers enter the dormant state in the high temperature period in summer, watering should be controlled. The soil requires a clay loam with fertility and good water retention performance, and the pH value should be between 6.0 and 6.5.

Calla lilies are one of the important cut flower species in the international flower market. They are often used to make bouquets, flower baskets, wreaths and bottle inserts, and the decorative effect is particularly good. Dwarf and small flower type are made into potted plants to decorate place steps, windowsills, balconies, and mirrors. They are full of exotic atmosphere and are particularly lovely. Calla lilies that are planted in gardens, especially by pools or rocks look very beautiful when they bloom.

There are many colors of calla lilies, the most common one is white. Different colors of calla lilies symbolize differently.

Pink calla lilies are very romantic. They can express the beauty of love and bring people a wonderful feeling. They represent the eternal love, and determination. White calla lilies are the most common species. They represent purity and happiness, and love, the unswerving and faithful love that will not stop until death. Red calla lilies represent the enthusiastic love and often been used in weddings. They represent the eternal love between the new couple that hope to be witnessed by the world. There are also yellow calla lilies that represent respect and love. Yellow calla lilies can be given to teachers or leaders to show your respect. Thank them for their tireless teaching or helping that you will never forget.