Of course, in summer, you need to wear something refreshing, so you must choose and match colors well. Blue, white, and ice cream are all very suitable colors for summer. Wearing these colors when going out in summer can visually cool down.

When it comes to pairing a variety of shirts with skirts in summer, there are many ways to choose. If you are in a good mood today, and you want to wear a brightly colored skirt, you can use a regular striped top to let the glossy skirt fall to the clouds and wear a firework look. In fact, you can still use complementary colors to match colors. In addition, white tops and black long skirts create a light literary atmosphere. Lace is a very popular clothing fabric for women. The lace fabric itself has a relatively bright color. The most important thing is that the lace pattern can also be self-contained. When wearing lace clothes, bright colors such as blue and red can be used to match.

In addition to color, there are also some classic dressing formulas. The first is short-sleeved + shorts. This is standard. Short-sleeves should not be too long for self-cultivation, and shorts should not be particularly short. It is best to choose similar colors. Or the opposite is more appropriate.

The second is short sleeves + short skirts, which are similar to shorts, but there are more choices for short skirts, such as culottes, pleated skirts, over-the-knee skirts, etc. The choice of color is similar to that of shorts.

The third is short-sleeved + cropped trousers, cropped trousers, long trousers, in addition to shorts and short skirts, for girls who do not like to show their legs, you can choose cropped trousers, cropped trousers or long trousers, of course, the weather is hot Under the circumstance, choose cropped pants or medium pants to be more appropriate.

The fourth is shirt + short skirt, trousers, in addition to short sleeves, more choices for official office are shirts, matching shirts with skirts or trousers, choose appropriate occasions to wear.