There are different types of bags, and different bags have different uses and effects. Different occasions need to match bags of different styles and colors, including the matching of clothing. It is very important to learn to choose a bag that suits you.

Different bag styles are also different. For example, some people will ask that the simpler the better, but we must pay attention to fine details and good workmanship. A rough bag will not have aesthetics anyway.

Some people prefer soft bags and don't like hard bags. Because soft bags feel better than hard bags, and for spring and summer, we pay attention to ease and convenience, and it will not be too heavy or cumbersome. So a bag that feels textured and very light and compact will become everyone's favorite. There are square bags, bucket bags, cable car bags and so on in the choice of styles.

The black and white bag is more versatile, and it is also particularly durable. You can't go wrong with any outfit. Of course, the important thing is to look at the color that is pleasing to the eye, the purer the better. However, it can also be matched with your own clothes according to personal preferences. When you buy, you can first look at the color of your own clothes and then choose, so that there will be no problem of difficult matching.

When it comes to texture, it can be said that there are many choices. Whether it is leather, cloth or woven bags, you can choose according to your personal needs. When the bag is tucked under the armpit, the thickness of the bag is a problem that must be paid attention to. A girl with a slightly plump body should choose a thin and slender rectangular bag; while a girl with a thin body should choose a fashionable bag with a thick triangle. If you prefer a wide bag, you must consider your height. Girls with a height of 165cm or more can choose a fashion bag with a total length of about 60cm that can be placed in a magazine vertically; while those under 157cm can choose a bag with a total length of about 50cm that can be placed in a magazine horizontally.