As the tastes of the world's wealthiest individuals continue to evolve, traditional modes of luxury transportation such as cars and helicopters are no longer enough to appease their interests.

With a deep love for the sea, many of these individuals have taken to riding on luxury yachts that carry their dreams and desires as they journey through the ocean. The yachts themselves are the epitome of luxury, extravagance, and innovation.

1. Azan: The World's Longest Private Yacht

Azan, the world's longest private yacht, is a 180-meter-long vessel that was built by the German shipbuilding giant, Lurssen. This family-run shipyard, which has been in operation since 1875 and is now in its fourth generation, aims to create ships of both quality and performance.

The yacht was delivered in 2013 and boasts an innovative design that breaks new ground in terms of technology, size, and performance. Capable of reaching speeds of up to 30 knots even in warm and shallow waters, Azan can accommodate up to 36 passengers and a crew of 60.

This yacht is a landmark in the history of Lurssen shipbuilding as well as in the history of private yachts.

2. Mir: The Second Longest Superyacht in the World

Mir, the second-longest superyacht in the world, was customized and completed by the top Italian yacht builder, Mariotti, in 2016. The 164-meter-long yacht is made of a combination of aluminum and teak decking, and steel as well as an aluminum hull. It is reported to belong to the Royal Omani Fleet and requires a crew of 130 to service the ship.

Among its many amenities, Mir boasts a beauty salon, landing pad, beach club, and conference facilities. Its conference room, decorated with gold and blue, is spacious and elegant, with large sofas arranged in a circle and a large white coffee table at its center.

3. Solar Eclipse: The Third Largest Yacht in the World

The 162.5-meter-long Solar Eclipse, the third largest yacht in the world, was completed in 2010 at the Hamburg shipyard in Broomworth. Its interior was designed by the renowned British superyacht designer, Terence Drysdale.

With 18 cabins, the yacht can accommodate 36 passengers and 70 crew members. It also features a leisure submarine that can carry three people, as well as two swimming pools, one of which is 16 meters long and can be converted into a dance floor. Additionally, the yacht's deck can accommodate three helicopters.

The yacht's owner, Roman Abramovich, is a billionaire, businessman, and politician, and also the owner of Chelsea Football Club. The original contract for the yacht was sold for around 500 million pounds, which has now risen to 1.5 billion pounds.

4. Ed Misten Superyacht: A Luxury Experience

Built by the prestigious shipbuilder, Lurssen, in 2008, the Ed Misten superyacht is 256 feet in length and available for charter through Yacht Charter Fleet at a weekly rate of $825,000. The yacht features 12 elegantly designed staterooms, as well as luxurious amenities such as a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and fully equipped gym.

The world's luxury submarines offer a new level of extravagance and sophistication to those who are able to afford them. These magnificent vessels are a testament to human ingenuity and creativity, and a symbol of the ever-evolving desires of the world's wealthy.