People in water activities when an accident or a forced landing, the need for timely rescue, when the water rescue equipment plays an important role.

Water rescue equipment mainly consists of floating equipment, communication equipment, and signal equipment, including life jackets, life rafts, life-saving radio and sea defense weapons, and shark-proof agents.

These devices can help rescuers to rescue. Life-saving supplies are life rafts, lifeboats, life preservers, and other types.

The following together is an emergency rescue exhibition to understand the relevant knowledge.

1. Floating equipment

Floating equipment mainly includes lifeboats, life undershirts, and waterproof cold flight suits.

A lifeboat is a gas-inflatable rubber boat, that can be loaded with about 4-7 people.

The airboat of the inflatable, in the water, produces buoyancy, so that it does not sink.

When not in use, the lifeboat is folded, packed in a canvas bag, when an emergency, open the canvas bag, and the lifeboat can be automatically inflated.

Life undershirt and waterproof cold-proof clothing is the personnel on board when leaving the aircraft.

Wear on the body of the floatation gear. A waterproof flight suit, in zero-degree water temperature, can protect the personnel on board from freezing.

Once the waterproof flight suit is in contact with water.

The surface immediately forms a layer of waterproof suit to ensure that the personnel on board are not soaked by seawater after falling into the water.

2. Communication equipment

Communication equipment is a small transceiver.

This small transceiver is wet by seawater, the performance of the machine does not change, and the call distance of 100 kilometers.

3. Signal equipment

Signal equipment of many kinds can be divided into visual signal equipment, audio signal equipment, and signal flag.

Visual signal equipment is reflectors, seawater dye, smoke, etc. for daytime, fire, flashing lights, incandescent lights, flashbulbs, tracers, flares, etc. for nighttime.

Audio signal equipment is shooting pistols, whistles, sirens, shouts, etc. Signal flags are divided into red, green, and white.

The personnel on board use these devices to indicate various signals and requests for help.

4. Charge boat

A charge boat is a kind of inflatable boat, divided into a glass and steel plate charge boat and a rubber boat type of charge boat.

Modern inflatable charge boat is mainly used by government agencies to carry out maritime tasks more, and convenient transportation is easy installation to make music.

5. Life jackets

A life jacket, also known as a life undershirt, is a rescue life clothing, design similar to the undershirt, using nylon fabric or neoprene, buoyancy materials or inflatable materials, reflective materials, etc. made of.

The general use of 5-7 years, is one of the life-saving equipment on board, aircraft, generally for the undershirt type, made of foam or cork.

Life jackets are worn on the body with sufficient buoyancy so that the head of the fallen can be exposed to the water.

6. Lifebuoy

Lifebuoy is a kind of water rescue equipment, usually made of cork, foam, or other light materials with a small specific gravity, wrapped in canvas, plastic, etc.

Lifebuoy for swimming practice can also be made of rubber, filled with air, also known as a rubber band.