Born babies generally need a crib, and parents want to buy a crib, almost half of the family only pay attention to two of the functions.

In fact, the choice of crib needs to have four functions, in order to be considered a qualified crib.

However, occupying three functions is estimated to be less than 10% of the family.

So let's take a look at the following crib needs to have which four functions?

Crib function one: sleep

The most basic requirement of the crib, of course, is to sleep, which is also the basic function of each bed.

Crib function two: cradle

The crib in many cases, also known as the cradle bed, and the cradle function of many families are also equipped with a crib so that the child is still in infancy, and more comfortable to sleep.

Crib function three: toddler/game

When the child reaches a certain age, it will need to learn to walk, and a multifunctional crib can meet this need.

This type of crib is usually multi-position adjustable.

We will adjust the bed board to the lowest gear, which you can use as a toddler bed, and when the child learns to walk.

You can also use as a play bed so that the child can play in a safe range.

Crib function four: lengthening

Crib with the above three functions of the family although very few, but there are still some, but the next function.

It is estimated that few parents will take it into account, but it is very practical.

This function is the extension function, as we all know, children in early childhood growth are very fast.

The original crib will soon not be enough to sleep, and a lengthening function, but to allow children to use more time.

There is no need to rush to replace the child's crib.

The benefits of cribs

1. Babies need to sleep for a longer period of time each day, around 18 hours.

In other words, babies spend most of the day in sleep, in order to let the baby has a better quality of sleep, creating a comfortable sleep environment is particularly important, and the crib can do just that.

2. If the baby sleeps with adults, the carbon dioxide released from the adults' breathing will be detrimental to the baby's growth.

However, when it sleeps in its own crib, its air circulation will be better, so the baby's sleep quality will be relatively improved.

3. Adults are not particularly honest when sleeping, if the baby sleeps with adults, may lead to adults due to inattention and press the baby, or adults covering the quilt may accidentally cover the child's head, which is very dangerous.

The guardrail around the crib can effectively avoid the child from falling, to avoid injuries caused by falling.

4. The child can sleep alone to exercise his independence.

5. To avoid the child's excessive dependence on the mother, to develop his good habits of independence.

And adults sleep for a long time naturally dependent on adults and then separating the mother and baby is very uncomfortable.

Baby sleep cribs can help babies develop the ability to be independent, but also give the baby a comfortable sleep environment.

So parents are advised not to overindulge their baby, baby learns the first step to independence, from the crib!