There are many ways to make cheesecake. If you are a "cheese lover", you must think that each one is delicious. Come back to basics today and return to the most classic cheesecake.

However, being classic doesn't mean you can't innovate. Use jam to brighten up your cheesecake, which not only retains the purity of the classics but also adds a little surprise to the tongue.

1. Cake base: Add butter paper to the bottom of the cake mold, put the cake in a compact bag, and crush it, add the melted oil, mix well with the cake, and flatten the cake on the butter paper on the bottom of the cake mold, and put it in the refrigerator for at least 3 Hour.

2. Cheese at room temperature until softened.

3. Add sugar to the cheese, beat with an egg beater until smooth, then add the egg mixture in 2-3 batches and mix well.

4 Add lemon juice and stir, then add oil and stir well.

5. Add in the sifted low-gluten flour and mix well. 6 Pour into the cake mold, preheat, and use the oven at 180 degrees, about 20-25 minutes. After 20-25 minutes, take out the cake, spread the cantaloupe sauce, put it back in the oven, and bake for another 5 minutes.

Delicious Cantaloupe Jam Cheesecake is ready! Another production method is described below.

1. Heat and melt the unsalted butter in water, add it to the crushed biscuits, mix evenly and compact, then spread the crushed milk biscuits on the crushed surface of the first layer of biscuits and repeat the flattening and compacting action. (Choose two colors of biscuits, just to make the base layer of the biscuits look layered.

You can use only one kind of biscuit) Put the compressed biscuits in the refrigerator and refrigerate until the biscuits are completely firm.

2. Heat milk and Gelatine in water until melted and set aside. (Put the milk in a hot water pot and take it out when you need it) Beat the Cream cheese and sugar for a while, then pour in the gelatin powder that has been melted in the milk and continue to beat the Cream cheese until it is creamy and hard.

The whipped cream cheese batter does not fall off.

3. Stir in the beaten Cream cheese and pour it into the refrigerated crumbs. Press the cheese paste lightly and spread it evenly.

4. Tap the flattened cake a few times on the cake mold, lightly spread the peach jam on the cake surface, put it in the refrigerator to freeze until it coagulates or overnight, and unmold before serving.

The most basic way to make it is like this, you can replace it with the jam you like, or you can use an appropriate amount of cocoa powder or green tea powder to sprinkle on the cake surface with a filter so that the decoration will look better.