The "perfect match" of tomatoes and eggs makes simple sandwiches strange and delicious.

Everyone should have a good habit of eating breakfast on time. Not eating breakfast for a long time is not good for our stomachs, and it will also affect our work and life.

What I would like to recommend to you here is a very delicious breakfast, ''Tomato and Egg Sandwich''. Tomatoes can supplement us with sufficient vitamins, especially suitable for eating in autumn, and eggs are also very nutritious and can be supplemented with Protein and a variety of nutrients.

Tomatoes and eggs are also the most classic combination. It can be said that this ingredient is a ''perfect match'', and sandwiches are also frequent guests of people's breakfast. It is convenient and nutritious to eat sandwiches for breakfast. So how well can tomatoes eggs and sandwiches go together?

Making bread by hand may be a bit difficult, but if it's just sandwiches and soups, it should be easy. So you can choose to keep the pure flavor of the ingredients as much as possible, make them simple, and sandwich the ingredients into sandwiches (like bibimbap when you don’t have time to cook).

First introduce a Chinese-style method, first remove the tomato seeds, then stir-fry it with eggs to dry up the water, and finally sandwich it into the bread to make a delicious Chinese-style sandwich.

1: Cut the tomatoes in half, remove the seeds, and then cut them into pieces.

2: Break eggs into a bowl, add milk and salt and mix well.

3: Pour the sesame oil into the frying pan, heat the pan, pour in 2, stir with a rubber spatula, cook until half cooked, add in the tomatoes of 1 and stir-fry until the water is absorbed.

4: The bread is cut in half from the side, and 3 is sandwiched in as filling to complete.

Western-style tomato sandwich: BLT is actually the abbreviation of Bread, Lettuce, and Tomato. The three ingredients are salty, crispy, sweet, and juicy. Thick mayonnaise bread, refreshing but not bland, with just the right balance of flavors.

Sandwiches are simple, but they make a world of difference, from the choice of ingredients to the order in which they are stacked.


The Kitchn reports that bread is as important as filling. Multigrain or whole-wheat bread is good for its nutty aroma, and white toast is the classic choice.


Western-style mayonnaise is an integral part of the BLT sandwich, and both slices of bread should be slathered with mayonnaise.

How to combine and split?

After the bread is smeared with mayonnaise, put tomato, and lettuce in order, and then cover with a piece of bread that is also covered with mayonnaise. This order can prevent the juicy tomatoes from making the bread soggy. How do I cut the sandwich when it's done? It is said that scientific research has found that the beveled cut is the most delicious.