With the continuous improvement of living standards, people's requirements for clothing are also getting higher and higher. Many people prefer to choose pure cotton clothing. What are the benefits of pure cotton clothing? Let's take a look at it in detail.

1. Pure cotton has good hygroscopicity.

Under normal circumstances, fibers can absorb some moisture into the surrounding atmosphere. When this touches human skin, people will not feel stiff and will feel relatively soft. If the humidity of the cotton cloth increases, the surrounding temperature will be relatively high, and finally the moisture will be evaporated. This will keep the clothes in a balanced state and make people feel more comfortable.

2. Cotton fibers are poor conductors for heat

This means that the coefficient of heat conduction will be relatively low, and the cotton fiber has many pores. The elasticity is also relatively high, and the moisture retention of pure cotton fibers is relatively good. If you wear pure cotton fabrics, it will be very warm.

3. The heat resistance of pure cotton fabric is good

Even if the temperature is below 110 degrees Celsius, the pure cotton fabric will only evaporate the moisture on the fabric and will not damage the fiber. Therefore, it will not have any effect when we wear cotton fabrics at room temperature. Cotton fabrics are also relatively durable.

4. Cotton fibers are highly resistant to alkalis

Cotton fiber is in the middle of the alkaline solution and will not be damaged. This property is beneficial to cotton fabrics processed by various processes. It also makes the styles of clothes we wear more and more enriched in our lives.

5. Cotton fiber is a natural fiber

The main component of cotton fiber is cellulose, and it also contains a small amount of waxy substances and nitrogenous substances. This is relatively hygienic. People are more at ease when using cotton fabrics.

In general, there are relatively many advantages of pure cotton, which will make people comfortable to wear. This is especially important for babies. Babies' skin is particularly fragile, and in order to reduce irritation, it is best to use pure cotton clothing.

But that doesn't mean pure cotton is perfect. Pure cotton is relatively easy to get wrinkle and needs to be ironed frequently, which is also relatively troublesome. Pure cotton fabric shrinks easily. Their shrinkage is 2% to 5%. Special processing or washing water treatment are exceptions. Cotton clothes are easily deformed and lack elasticity. Especially fot summer clothes, because the fabric is thinner. Pure cotton clothes are easy to stick to hair, which is difficult to remove completely. The acid resistance of pure cotton clothes is poor. When the concentrated sulfuric acid stains the cotton, the cotton will be burned into holes. When acid (such as vinegar) accidentally gets on the clothes, it should be cleaned in time to prevent the acetic acid from causing fatal damage to the clothes.

All in all, pure cotton is pretty good. It is very comfortable to wear.