A macaron is a French dessert made with egg whites, ground almonds, granulated sugar and icing and served with fruit sauce or cream. Rich taste, crisp outside, soft inside, colorful appearance, delicate and small.

When macarons first arrived in France, they were very different from today's macarons: just a single piece, no sandwich. When macaroons arrived in France, especially in the 19th century, a large number of French chefs competed to make the dessert, and the pieces gradually became filled. At the same time, imaginative French chefs are experimenting with different fruits and jams, even coffee and chocolate, to create a riot of color. And just like that, marzipan became the macarons of the 21st century.

Like this, the macarons that flourished in France were labeled French. Therefore, macarons are not only a kind of dessert, a kind of food, but also a kind of culture.

Historically, macarons were aristocratic food and a symbol of luxury. However, with the development of history, macaron gradually entered the homes of ordinary people, with its rich colors, fresh and delicate taste, and small and exquisite shape, won people's love, especially ladies.

Here is a recipe for you to make perfect purple macarons.


45 grams of almond flour

Powdered sugar 45 grams

16 grams of protein

16 grams of protein

7 g sugar

37 g sugar

Water 12 g

A dash of purple toner

Protein powder 1 small tip

Cheese, 90 g

20 g butter

Sugar powder, 20g

Milk 20 ml

10 grams of white chocolate

Applesauce to taste


1. Mix 16 grams of egg whites into the sifted almond flour and icing sugar.

2. Add 1 pinky of protein powder and a little purple toner to the 16g egg whites and beat until dry. Cook a mixture of 37 grams of sugar and 12 grams of water in a saucepan to 116 degrees. Pour into an egg white beaten silica gel cup. Beat egg whites at high speed until sticky.

3. Add the egg whites in three batches to the batter in step 1 and mix well. Add the egg whites again and mix gently.

4. The mixing effect is: the egg white paste drops in a ribbon shape.

5. Use the piping bag to squeeze the silicone pad into a circle. Shake the bottom of the plate with your hand to remove the air bubbles. There are obvious bubbles that need to be picked out with a toothpick. If the batter is in the right condition, there will not be too many bubbles, otherwise the batter will be too runny. Let dry until the batter is not sticky, which should take about 20-30 minutes.

6. Preheat the oven to 160 degrees. Place the baking sheet on the second to last layer at 140 degrees.

7. Once cool, remove the macarons from the plate.

8. Stack two macarons on top of each other and top with applesauce.

9. Melt the cream cheese, butter, fresh milk and icing sugar over a medium heat and beat with a whisk until smooth. Refrigerate until ready for piping. Place in a piping bag and squeeze on top. Serve with applesauce.