Deer vary in size. They are horned ruminants. Distributed in Eurasia, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, North America, South America and southwestern Africa. There are about 34 species in the world.

Morphological characteristics of deer.

It has sturdy forked corners. Generally only males have a pair of horns, females have no horns. The body length is 0.75 to 2.90 meters, and the weight is 9 to 800 kilograms.

The stomach has 4 cavities and 32 to 34 teeth. Most species have horns, and species without horns have ivory-like upper canine teeth. Deer are listed as protected animals around the world.

Habits of deer.

Release environment.

Deer are mainly distributed in some grassland areas and less common in forest areas.


Most deer live in groups, but very few live alone. Deer that live in groups are basically plant-based.

But solitary deer are primarily carnivores. For carnivorous deer, it runs much faster than normal deer.


The lifespan of deer varies from person to person. In general, the average lifespan of each deer is about 30-40 years.


Deer grow faster.

In general, young deer develop fastest between 1-6 months. In a short period of time, the average daily weight gain was 0.6 kg, and it increased to 210 kg in 18 months.


Deer are timid by nature and are usually very alert. They usually rest during the day and come out in the morning and evening to feed.


Deer are typical herbivorous animals, and their food includes grass, bark, twigs and saplings.

The power of deer.

Deer have slender legs and are good at running and swimming.

Deer are timid by nature and are usually very alert. They can observe their surroundings from a distance and are useful for defending against sneak attacking enemies and beasts.

Its long legs run very fast, and the speed can be as high as five or six thousand per hour.

Deer also have a superb ability to evade enemies.

Once frightened or pursued by the enemy, it will not burrow into the grass or bushes, but find a water source and dive into the water quickly, so as not to be pursued by natural enemies.

What is your impression of a deer?

Beautiful antlers are the second characteristic of the male deer, which attracts the admiration of the female.