The mint fragrance is overflowing and wafting in the wind. If a large piece of mint has a strong scent, you can smell it from a distance. For the fresh and tender leaf buds, pinch the tip of the leaf with your index finger and thumb, there is a light mint scent that smells very pleasant.

There are many varieties of mint, and there are at least 600 species of mint in the world. This is mainly because it is widely distributed and highly adaptable, and can successfully complete cross-breeding in the natural environment.

Mint likes a sunny environment and needs sufficient water to grow well, but it needs moderate watering to avoid water accumulation.

There are many different ways to classify mint. Some are distinguished from the color of the stems, which can be divided into two categories: mint with green stems and mint with purple stems, among which the fragrance of mint with purple stems is often stronger than that of mint with green stems.

Some are divided into mint according to the origin, such as Scottish mint, American mint, Vietnamese mint, Japanese mint and so on.

Mint is an aromatic crop with special economic value. It has both medicinal and edible value.

Edible value.

In daily life, mint leaves can be used to make tea and drink, which has a health care effect.

Medicinal value.

Dispelling wind-heat: Peppermint has the effect of dissipating wind-heat and is mainly used for the symptoms of wind-heat and common cold. The clinical manifestations are fever, chills, sore throat, headache, cough, etc.

Detoxification and rash: Peppermint has the effect of detoxification and rash. For the measles that does not go well, the use of peppermint can make the measles appear and shorten the course of the disease.

Soothing the Liver and Regulating Qi: Peppermint has the functions of soothing the liver, relieving depression and regulating Qi. It can relieve the symptoms of low back pain, depression, insomnia, dreaminess, depression and other symptoms caused by liver qi discomfort.

There are many ways to eat mint, would you like to try it?

1. Mint soup.

First, wash and chop the fresh mint, boil it with boiling water, add a little salt and sesame oil to make mint soup. Peppermint soup refreshes, detoxifies, and gets angry. It is a good heat-clearing and detoxifying soup.

2. Fried eggs with mint leaves.

Eggs can be fried with mint leaves.

3. Cool mint.

The mint leaves can be mixed with cold. After washing the mint leaves, you can directly add the seasoning and mix well.

4. Soak in water to drink.

Mint leaves are washed and sun-dried, and can be soaked in water for drinking, which can dispel wind, clear heat and detoxify.

5. Mint porridge.

Add 15 grams of mint and 60 grams of rice to make porridge. After the porridge is cooked, add an appropriate amount of rock sugar and boil it for breakfast and dinner.

But it should be noted that pregnant women and lactating women should not eat mint, so as not to cause physical discomfort.