White swans belong to the duck family. Swans are large birds with a maximum body length of 1.5m and a weight of more than 6,000 grams. The plumage is white, and the base of the mouth is yellow. They have a long neck, about half their body length, and they often swim with their necks straight and their wings close to their sides.

At present, there are five species of swans in the world, namely the whooper swan, the little swan, the mute swan, the black swan and the black-necked swan. Among them, except for black swans distributed in Oceania and black-necked swans distributed in South America, the other three are distributed all over the world.

Swans prefer to live in open lakes and swamps. Swans mainly feed on aquatic plants, often eating the roots, stems, leaves, and fruits of aquatic plants, but sometimes they also eat fish, shrimp, insects, earthworms and other mollusks and crustaceans, belonging to an omnivorous animal . Every October, the southward migration begins, in droves looking for warmer areas to survive the cold winter, and it will not gradually start flying north until March-April.

Swan is a kind of beautiful bird, elegant in nature, rare and precious. The swan has a beautiful body. When swimming, the wings are placed on the body, and the fins are used to slide the lake. The body is swaying like a model of a small boat. How soft and pure!

The sexual maturity of swans is 3 to 4 years, and they breed once a year after sexual maturity. The breeding season mainly inhabits open lakes, ponds and swamps, and in winter it mainly inhabits large lakes and reservoirs with many reeds.

Swans have always maintained a "lifelong companion" concept. When wintering in the south, they are paired for feeding or resting. While the female swans are laying eggs, the male swans stand beside them. When encountering an enemy, it flaps its wings to meet the enemy and fight bravely with the opponent. Not only do they help each other during the breeding season, but they also usually come in pairs. If one of the swans dies, the other will not go to find a mate, but will live alone for life.

The swan is an auspicious bird in the hearts of people of all ethnic groups in the world. It is known as a symbol of beauty, purity, nobility, elegance, loyalty, festival and bravery. It is a precious animal with high aesthetic and cultural value, and is deeply loved and praise.