Coffee and a doughnut go hand-in-hand on weekday mornings. For many of us, it’s part of our daily routine! Whether you prefer your doughnuts chocolate glazed, fruit-filled, or tossed in cinnamon sugar, there’s a doughnut flavor for everyone. Here are the 7 most popular doughnut flavors in America.

1. Glazed

Glazed doughnuts can be found in almost any doughnut shop in the US. While some refer to them as the "vanilla ice cream" of the doughnut world, there's so much more to a glazed doughnut than that. Even though you might not expect it, but every bite will be tastier than the last. The glazed doughnut rules over all when it comes to doughnuts. This doughnut doesn't feel the need to cover up what it really is with sprinkles and frosting. The simplicity of the glazed doughnut is admirable, and inspiring.

2. Chocolate Glazed

A simple, hassle-free doughnut for all the chocaholics out there. Just make sure to do it right and eat it alongside a steaming cup of hot chocolate. It isn't messy to eat, it's got the perfect sugary exterior, and it will satisfy all of your chocolate cravings. Plus, it tastes good both warm or cold. A chocolate doughnut dipped in hot chocolate, or even a mocha latte, sounds like the best afternoon treat in the winter.

3. Boston Creme

Boston creme doughnuts combine one's love of custard with their love of chocolate. Unlike any other doughnut out there, the Boston creme doughnut is kind of like a hybrid between a custard doughnut and a chocolate frosted doughnut. Yet, somehow, when you put them together, it has 10 times the power of your average custard or chocolate frosted doughnut. Be sure to buy these bad boys by the dozen!

4. Chocolate Frosting with Sprinkles

sprinkles are a little childish, but they do make for a scrumptious doughnut. You can find them anywhere and they're guaranteed to be pretty cheap. Although sometimes they can be low quality. But if you can find a yummy and fresh chocolate frosted doughnut with sprinkles, you have hit the jackpot, my friend.

5. Strawberry Jelly

The best breakfast doughnut – a strawberry jelly doughnut is almost like having a piece of toast with jam. Strawberry jelly doughnuts can be found with a glazed, powdered, or sugared exterior. No matter which way you cut it though, they're well delicious. However, they too can be messy. Even if they aren't covered in powdered sugar (which would add another dimension of messy), there's always the risk of the jelly oozing out of the wrong place and landing on your clothes. But honestly, it's worth the risk.

6. Double Chocolate

Chocolate lovers, unite! A chocolate glazed doughnut isn't enough. A doughnut is not complete without the addition of an extra layer of chocolate frosting on top of the already chocolatey doughnut. Chocolate + Chocolate = sinfully delicious. Rather than making the glaze with a typical chocolate icing, turn it into a dark chocolate ganache. The added bitterness will honestly change your life.

7. You Decide

Number 7 was the doughnut you think should have made the list. Yup, that specific donut you’re furious didn’t make it just missed. Like it was cut by that person in the office who keeps slicing all the donuts into way too small pieces so everyone can “share” instead of anyone being happy.