Romance by the Sea: Discovering Two Enchanting Lighthouses

Greetings, Lykkers! Join us on a journey of love and discovery as we explore two captivating lighthouses that beckon lovers from afar.

Picture yourself at Montauk Point Lighthouse in New York, where the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky in hues of gold and pink. Or envision the majestic Yaquina Head Lighthouse in Oregon, standing tall against the rugged cliffs, guiding lovers to its enchanting embrace.

1. Montauk Point Lighthouse, New York, USA:

Majestic and historic, Montauk Point Lighthouse stands against a rugged coastline, offering serene beaches and breathtaking sunset views. Its iconic charm invites visitors to bask in coastal bliss and create lasting memories against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean.

Montauk Point Lighthouse

How to Get There:

Montauk Point Lighthouse is located at the eastern tip of Long Island, approximately 120 miles (193 km) from New York City. Travelers can reach Montauk by car via the Long Island Expressway (I-495) and Montauk Highway (NY-27).

Alternatively, the Long Island Rail Road offers train service to Montauk from Penn Station in New York City.

Things to Do:

Spend a romantic evening watching the sunset from the lighthouse's observation deck, followed by a leisurely stroll along the nearby beaches. Explore the Montauk Point State Park and enjoy hiking trails with stunning coastal views. For a memorable experience, book a sunset cruise to admire the lighthouse from the water.

Places to Stay

Montauk Manor:

This elegant hotel offers stunning views of Montauk and the surrounding coastline. Located near Montauk Point Lighthouse, it provides luxurious accommodations and amenities, including an indoor pool, spa, and restaurant.

Montauk Manor

Address: 236 Edgemere St, Montauk, NY 11954

Contact No:

Website: +1 631 668 4400

Cost: 175 per Night

Services: Free Wi-Fi, Free parking, Accessible Indoor and outdoor pool, Air-conditioned, Restaurant Kitchens in some rooms, Hot tub Spa Fitness center.

2. Yaquina Head Lighthouse:

Perched atop dramatic cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Yaquina Head Lighthouse offers panoramic vistas and serves as a guiding beacon for coastal explorers. Visitors can marvel at tide pools, explore wildlife sanctuaries, and immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

How to Get There:

Yaquina Head Lighthouse is located near Newport on the central coast of Oregon, approximately 140 miles (225 km) southwest of Portland. Travelers can reach Newport by car via Highway 101, or by flying into Portland International Airport and renting a car for the scenic drive.

Things to Do:

Take a guided tour of Yaquina Head Lighthouse to learn about its fascinating history and marvel at panoramic views from the top. Explore the surrounding Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area, home to tide pools, wildlife, and scenic trails. Don‘t miss the chance to spot whales migrating along the coast during certain times of the year.

Place to Stay

a. The Whaler: Situated near Yaquina Head Lighthouse, The Whaler offers cozy accommodations with ocean views. Guests can relax in the outdoor pool or explore nearby attractions, including the Oregon Coast Aquarium and historic downtown Newport.

Address: 155 SW Elizabeth St, Newport, OR 97365.

Contact No:

Website: +1 808 661 6000

Services: The modest rooms feature balconies with ocean views, as well as cable TV, minifridges, and free Wi-Fi.

Upgraded rooms add microwaves, fireplaces and/or additional sitting areas.

Complimentary perks include continental breakfast and popcorn. There's an exercise room, an indoor pool, and a hot tub.

b. Local Ocean Seafoods: Known for its fresh seafood and sustainable practices, this restaurant offers a diverse menu featuring locally sourced ingredients. Guests can enjoy dishes like Dungeness crab cakes, grilled salmon, and seafood chowder in a casual atmosphere.

Address: 213 SE Bay Blvd., Newport, OR 97365

Contact No: +1 541 574 7959

Meal Cost: $30 to $50

So, Lykkers! As the sun sets on our coastal adventure, we bid farewell to the timeless allure of Montauk Point Lighthouse and Yaquina Head Lighthouse. Whether you find yourself wandering along the serene shores of Montauk or exploring the dramatic cliffs of Yaquina Head, one thing is certain: the romance of these enchanting lighthouses will linger in your heart long after you’ve left.

Until we meet again on the shores of love and adventure, may your journeys be filled with coastal bliss and unforgettable memories.