Nowadays, many people like to keep rabbits as pets. The rabbits are cute in appearance and docile. And more importantly, feeding rabbits is relatively simple, just pay attention to diet and environment.

When it comes to rabbit food, the first thing that comes to our mind is carrots. In fact, the staple food of rabbits is grass and some vegetables. Remember that when feeding rabbits, you cannot feed a single food for a long time, otherwise it will lead to malnutrition of the rabbits.

The grasses that rabbits like to eat mainly include ryegrass, bitter gourd, sweet potato vines, and sudangrass. Be sure to check the hay for freshness before feeding grass-based food, and feed the rabbit after making sure the food is fresh and nutritious.

The vegetables that rabbits like to eat mainly include carrots, white radish, cabbage, green vegetables, cabbage, lettuce and so on. It should be noted that fresh vegetables need to be washed and dried before feeding them to rabbits. Otherwise, the rabbit will easily have diarrhea after eating some food with water on the surface.

If you want to keep rabbits at home, you need to pay attention to these parts:

1. Living environment

The living environment of rabbits should be hygienic, dry and ventilated. If the environment is humid and unsanitary, it is easy to breed bacteria and cause skin diseases in rabbits. Rabbit supplies should be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Rabbits have high requirements on the environment, and they should choose a very dry environment. Rabbits are not suitable for living in a humid environment.

2. Cage

The cage space should be larger to facilitate the activities of the rabbit. Rabbits in cages should be active for more than 1 hour every day. It is best to put foot pads in the cage to prevent the rabbits from getting pediculitis, and the holes of the cages are larger to prevent the rabbits from getting stuck.

3. Kettle

It is recommended to buy a special water bottle for rabbits. Rabbits can not drink raw water, it is best to drink boiled cold boiled water, or mineral water. Since rabbits have the habit of grinding their teeth, it is necessary to prepare a teether for the rabbits to grind their teeth.

4. Food

Rabbit food is an additional nutritional supplement for rabbits. Since rabbits have poor stomachs, they can usually provide about 5% of the amount for rabbits. Eating too much rabbit food can easily cause indigestion.

The food for feeding rabbits needs to be adjusted in a reasonable way. It is not right to feed a single food for a long time. This will easily lead to malnutrition in the body of the rabbit, and it will not benefit the health of the rabbit in the slightest.

Keeping a rabbit as a pet is a good companion for us. They are cute and clean, and they can interact with people just like cats and dogs. Moreover, it does not like to bark like a dog, nor does it bite, so it will not disturb the neighbors. Rabbits are very quiet and docile, and even if they are taken out for a walk, they will not cause any trouble to others.