Maine Coon cats are named after their origins in the state of Maine in the United States. It was the first naturally produced long-haired cat breed in North America. Maine Coons are strong and have thick coats. It is also a large breed of cats.

Morphological characteristics.

Medium face, large ears, large eyes, and M-shaped tabby on the forehead. Not only are they stocky and furry, but they also have stern faces. They don't look angry, but they have a strong aura!

Living habits.

Gentle, close to people, intelligent and independent, considerate, is a good pet.

Maine Coons are stubborn, brave, intelligent, and like to be alone, but they get along well with people and make great pets.

I like to sharpen my claws.

It will habitually scratch the dining table, wardrobe, floor, etc. in the home, making these furniture scratches.

Special sleeping habits.

It likes to sleep in isolated places.


Maine Coons need to be groomed at least once a day. Groom your Maine Coon daily to not only keep his coat soft and beautiful, but also to clean his body of dirt.

Pros and cons of Maine Coon cats.


Maine Coon cats have the characteristics of being docile, adaptable, close to people, smart, lively and brave.


Likes to lose hair. Maine Coons are long-haired cats. They need to brush their hair regularly to prevent messy and knotted hair.

Destructive power. The Maine Coon's claws are very sharp and will attack the sofa cabinet at home, which is more destructive.

Maine Coons need a lot of exercise to prevent disease and the dangers of obesity.

Maine Coons have too long hair to groom.

First, comb through the tangled hair, keeping an eye out for bugs as you comb.

When brushing, use a bristle brush to brush the fur all over the body, including the abdomen, in the direction of hair growth. Be gentle when brushing to avoid hurting the cat.

After brushing, there will be loose hair sticking to the fur, which should be removed with a rubber brush to make the fur smooth and clean.

A few drops of a fur protectant every few weeks will help remove oil and restore the color and shine of your cat's fur.

In addition, regular petting and a healthy diet will make the fur look beautiful.

Maine Coons have a variety of gorgeous looks and are becoming more and more popular.