Purple is a mysterious and romantic color, and purple flowers vary by variety and represent different styles. Some people put some purple flowers in the egg roll and use it as a gift, which is very creative. Let's take a look at the purple flowers that can be used.

1. Purple Daisies

The flower language of purple daisy is noble and elegant, hiding love, innocence and liveliness. Purple itself is a color full of mystery and romance.

The purple daisies give people a feeling of being shy and afraid to talk to the people they like. They are petite and agile and look like an innocent and lovely child.

Purple daisies are more suitable for those who you like but are afraid to express. You can also give it to a cute child, saying that he is as lively and lovely as an elf, innocent and innocent.

2. Iris

The iris, also known as the purple butterfly, is the national flower of France, symbolizing light and freedom. The iris has a unique shape, with petals like the tail of a kite and flying like a butterfly, delicate and beautiful.

It has a light and charming aroma that can be used in perfumery. The noble and elegant iris is deeply loved by people all over the world. They firmly believe that purple iris will bring good news and is a flower that conveys love and auspiciousness.

3. Purple Lilac

Purple Lilac is known as the flower of paradise. The flowers are lavender or blue, and the corolla tube is 6-8mm long. It usually blooms in May-June. Lilacs like sun and moist soil.

Purple Lilac is suitable for garden cultivation. When it blooms in spring, the huge and gorgeous flowers cover the whole plant, the fragrance is overflowing, and it has a good ornamental effect.

Purple Lilac symbolizes good love and is suitable for gift to those who like it. And Purple Lilac is small and cute, suitable for sending friends to express your compliments.

4. Mirabilis

Mirabilis, also known as Yelaixiang, is not similar to jasmine although it is called jasmine. It has its own beauty and uniqueness. It is a common self-growing ornamental flower and is relatively easy to raise.

Mirabilis prefer mild, humid climates and are not hardy. It grows better in some shade. Flowers open in the evening to early morning and close in bright light. Mirabilis likes a well-ventilated environment and repels mosquitoes in summer.

The flower language of Mirabilis is modesty, chastity and simplicity. Because a hundred flowers bloom in the daytime and compete for beauty, only Mirabilis does not bloom and blooms alone at night, so it means modesty.

Its flowers have many colors, although there are many colors, but each color is not variegated, so it also means chastity. Moreover, Mirabilis is not very demanding on the environment. Where the seed is sown, it will grow and blossom, which also implies the good quality of simplicity.