The skin is the largest organ of the human body and plays a role in protecting the body. Because it is the outermost layer of the human body, it is easily affected by the environment, seasons and climate, so the occurrence of certain skin diseases has obvious seasonal characteristics.

Skin care is important for both men and women.

What is our reason for skin care?

1. Skin care can keep skin healthy, such as preventing sunburn, and hydration can reduce dryness and chapped skin.

Take care of your skin, apply sunscreen, etc.

2. Skin care can prevent premature skin aging and make people look younger and more vibrant.

Good skin care and a good attitude can make you at least ten years younger!

3. Proper skin care can increase people's self-confidence and make people more attractive.

The quality of your skin can be altered artificially. If your skin goes from black to white, you'll feel more confident, your whole person will be more attractive, and people will want to be close.

How to properly skin care?

1. Cleansing:

Take an appropriate amount of cleanser, massage in circular motions from bottom to top, wash off after a minute.

2. Toner:

Wipe your face with a cotton pad dipped in toner for a second cleanse. If you want to moisturize, just dab it on your face with your hands.

3. Facial Essence:

Essence is divided into basic type and functional type.

The basic essence mainly plays the role of hydrating, controlling oil, and adjusting the balance of water and oil. The functional essence has the functions of whitening, anti-aging and anti-oxidation.

Choose the one that suits you according to your skin type.

4. Lotion:

Lotions are generally used after toners to moisturise and moisturise the skin.

You can use lotion in summer and cream in autumn and winter. Lotion and cream are the same product.

5. Eye Cream:

It is recommended to use a functional eye cream after the age of 25 and a moisturizing eye cream before the age of 25. Be careful with gentle gestures. Gently tap a dozen times until absorbed.

6. Mask:

There are also many types of masks, if your skin is too dry, you can use a hydrating mask. If you want to whiten, you can use a whitening mask.

Summer skin is different from winter skin.

Winter environmental characteristics can have many effects on the skin. As the temperature gradually drops, the weather becomes cold, windy and dry, and pollution such as ultraviolet rays and smog persists.

Several conditions can occur on our skin. Skin care is needed in summer, as well as in winter.