Suitcases are a type of luggage. It includes a bag body, a telescopic rod and a bag bottom wheel. Suitcases can be divided into soft cloth cases and hard cases according to the material. Choosing a suitable suitcase requires attention to detail.

1. Wheels.

It is strongly recommended to choose a suitcase with multi-row wheels and rubber wheels. Among them, the multi-row wheels with front and rear wheels of different sizes are more stable, and are not easy to roll into things; the rubber wheels are very soft and lighter, and there is no noise when walking.

2. Pull rod.

When pulling the lever up and pushing down, it is fast and divided into several sections. It is the best choice; you can also choose the design where the lever and pulley are retracted into the bag. When checked, the wheels and lever are not easy to be damaged, and it is also convenient in the wardrobe. collect.

3. Hard travel case.

It is easy to break. When checking whether it can bear weight and withstand impact, you can lay the box flat, put a heavy object on the box shell, and you can also stand on the box and try it yourself. If the quality of the box is qualified, there is absolutely no problem.

4, narrow space.

360-degree wheels or in-line wheel suitcases can move freely in tight spaces. The in-line wheel suitcase is not convenient to drag when walking, but the suitcase is easy to crook, but it is very suitable for walking in narrow passages.

5. Pulley bracket.

A suitcase with a professional support stand next to the pulley is more stable than one without. However, the steering flexibility of multi-row wheels is better and can be selected according to needs.