Sandstone is a kind of sedimentary rock, which is formed by the sedimentation of stone particles on the river bed through water erosion, and has become solid after thousands of years of accumulation. Later, due to the movement of the earth's crust, today's mines were formed.

Sandstone is the most widely used construction stone. In recent years, sandstone, as a natural building material, has been respected by architectural designers who follow fashion and nature, and it is widely used in commercial and home decoration.

The products include sandstone round carvings, relief murals, carved flower panels, art flower pots, sculpture fountains, style fireplaces, Roman columns, door and window covers, lines, mirror frames, lighting, jigsaw panels, beam supports, home accessories, environmental sculptures, etc. All products can be arbitrarily colored, painted, polished and gilded according to the requirements; and the surface of the works can be rough, delicate, cracked, natural cracks and other real stone effects through technical processing.

Buildings decorated with sandstone hundreds of years ago still have their charm, such as Notre Dame de Paris, sandstone Louvre, British Royal Palace, US Congress, Harvard University, etc. The noble and elegant temperament of sandstone and its hard texture have made the world a success A wonderful flower in the history of architecture.

The main material used for the exterior wall of the White House is gray sandstone. The main building exterior wall of the Louvre is light yellow and white sandstone, and the exterior wall of the building is basically decorated with sandstone. It is one of the representative buildings of sandstone curtain wall. At the beginning of the construction of Harvard University, white red sandstone was used, and other varieties of sandstone were successively used in the subsequent expansion. The greenery and sandstone in the school are integrated, reflecting the natural environment. The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel mainly uses white series of sandstone and marble, with an amount of about 80,000 square meters. The Taj Mahal in Dubai looks particularly dazzling in the sun.