Imagine waking up to warm orange morning light, going for a walk on the beach, and feeling hungry for a bowl of hot, tasty soup with rice. Waiting for the sun to dip into the water, and then another party starts, and it's not cold until late at night.

All of this can be experienced in Busan. This city is full of passion, like burning fireworks, and beauty, like the blue sea.

Busan is the second-largest city in the country, located on the southeast coast of Korea, and belongs to Gyeongsangnam-do. The people of Busan are warm and straightforward, and the scenery can be both dramatic and gentle. Even the Busan dialect is popular and has become a common element in movies and TV dramas. This guide counts the many beautiful sights in Busan, which are sure to make visitors forget to come back.

1. Gamcheon

Gamcheon Cultural Village is a must-see spot for many Korean dramas and shows, and it's also on many people's lists of must-see spots in Busan. It's one of the most popular attractions in the city.

Gamcheon Cultural Village is known for its murals, which are everywhere when you walk around. It's the perfect place to take pictures. The most famous mural is the huge fish that weaves through the alley, made up of many small fish on the wall, and many people come to take pictures. Another must-see spot is the Little Prince statue.

The Little Prince, looking into the distance with his back to the road, is another popular spot in the Cultural Village. Sitting next to the Little Prince, you can see the colourful houses lined up in the distance.

2. Haeundae

Haeundae is the most famous landmark in Busan and became famous overseas through the movie "Haeundae." Both locals and tourists love to come to this long beach. When in the mood, you can bring soju and food, sit on the beach, watch the sunset, and listen to the students singing and playing with each other.

3. Jagalchi

Jagalchi, the largest seafood market in Busan, was established in 1889 and is a must-visit place on every trip. It's located next to Nampo-dong in the city, with the sea at its back. Fresh seafood is brought directly from the sea to the market. In addition to seafood, the market is famous for its warm and welcoming vendors and aunties, whose smiling faces make it impossible to refuse even if you don't speak the language.

4. Yeongdo and Taejongdae

Yeongdo is a small island in the south of Busan, with mountains in the middle and a beautiful coastline. Busan Maritime University is also located on the island. The Yeongdo Bridge connects Nampo-dong and Yeongdo, and the bridge is raised at 2 pm every day to allow large ships to pass.

Although it's called an island, Yeongdo's streets are modern and clean, and the school, hospital, post office, and bus facilities are all available. Although it's called a city, it has a unique traditional and quiet atmosphere.

Visitors to Yeongdo can go to a traditional fish cake store to taste it and, if lucky, make it themselves. They can also visit a fast food restaurant that has been open for decades and try delicious food next to the school of young girls in Busan.

The most worthwhile experience is walking around the green hills and ordinary houses to get to Taejongdae, which stands at the southern tip of Yeongdo. Legend has it that after Silla unified Baekje and Goguryeo, King Moore, Taejong of Silla, visited this place, so it was called Taejongdae.