Many people are typically weak because few people maintain good habits.

Warm water can protect your body; water is the source of everything. How can people spend every day healthily without it? To have a glass of warm water every moment, you need to have an insulated cup often around.

Here, we introduce some of the roles and principles of insulated cups. The role of an insulated cup is to keep cold things cold and hot things hot. The principle of an insulated cup is that it is made of a double-layer stainless steel insulated cup body and plastic parts, with a sealing ring combination.

It requires more than one hundred processes to produce a qualified vacuum-insulated cup. We all know that the vacuum-insulated cup has insulation, cold, and freshness functions. In addition to these three functions, it can also have other functions.

1. vacuum insulation cup can keep the temperature of water and food in the container for a long time, convenient for users to enjoy hot food or hot drinks at different times, and in different spaces, which is conducive to improving people's quality of life;

2. Most of the knowledge brand vacuum insulation cup is 304 stainless steel as raw materials, in the use of the process will not produce harmful substances or odor, vacuum insulation cups of drinking water insulation to avoid the water repeatedly boiled on the water quality damage.

3. Promoting the use of vacuum insulation cups can effectively reduce the environmental pollution caused by the waste of disposable plastic containers and paper cups, and reduce the production of plastic containers and paper cups on oil, wood, water, and other natural resources consumption.

At the same time, the stainless steel vacuum insulation cup can be a long time insulation, reducing the electricity consumption caused by repeated heating.

4. Disposable bottled water waste phenomenon is serious, with vacuum insulation cups instead of disposable plastic containers, but also can effectively reduce the waste of water resources, can be said to be a multi-benefit, for catering to the actual needs of people give enough choice.

Insulation cup insulation principle.

1. Heat transfer

The insulation cup body will be vacuum processing, the vacuum state does not transfer heat, so it will be isolated from heat transfer.

2. Heat radiation

The insulation cup double layer of the sandwich will be copper-plated or silver-plated, in order to form a heat lock network and reduce heat radiation caused by heat loss.

3. Heat convection

Insulated cup body using double sealed structure, you can avoid the cup heat and outside air from forming convection, thereby reducing heat convection.

As you can see, the original common insulation cup has so much physical knowledge.

The advantage of drinking from a thermos is that we can gargle with warm water.

After eating food, repeating several times with warm water gargle can make food residue removed, is a good way to keep the mouth clean; before eating, gargle with warm water to remove some of the dirt in the mouth;

Before going to sleep, gargle with warm boiled water to wash away the smell of smoke and other strange odors in the mouth, and rinse away the food residue in the mouth and throat.

Wake up in the morning, drink a cup of warm boiled water in a stainless steel vacuum insulation cup, and rinse the residue left by the stomach and intestines a night exercise.

"Cool water to wash your face, warm water to brush your teeth" This is a good habit to live. Warm water brushing, not only can effectively remove teeth and oral dirt, and the gums and mouth nerves have a better conservation effect.