Cats, which belong to the feline family, carry ringworm and parasites such as fleas and toxoplasma and are more widely used as pets in homes around the world.

The ancestor of the domestic cat is presumed to be the desert cat of the ancient Egyptian period, the Persian cat of Persia, which has been domesticated by humans for 3,500 years (but not as completely as the dog).

General cat: round head, short face, five fingers on the forelimbs, four toes on the hindlimbs, sharp and curved claws at the end of the toes, claws can retract, with night vision.

Hunting other animals by ambush, most can climb up trees. Cats have fatty fleshy pads on the bottom of their toes to avoid making noise when walking and not scaring rats when hunting. The paws are contracted when walking to prevent them from being blunted and will be extended when hunting mice and climbing.

Although the cat looks high and cold, whether you are poor or rich, it looks down on you. Different breeds of cats also have different characteristics, for newcomers to cat ownership, too much personality of the cat is very difficult to manage, so what cat is suitable for newcomers?

1. Chinese civet cat

The origin of the civet cat is China, a breed that has been preserved through the natural elimination of many breeds over the centuries. The civet cat has an independent personality, loves sports, and if the surrounding environment has changed, it will be very sensitive and very dependent on the owner.

2. British Shorthair

The British Shorthair cat has a round and plump body, short and well-developed limbs, short and dense fur, a large head, and a round face. It is gentle and calm, friendly to people, and easy to care for. The large, round eyes come in various colours depending on the coat. Furthermore, due to its extensive breeding history, this cat has a healthier body and a more docile personality.

3. American Shorthair

The American Shorthair is a large breed of short-haired cats with a large body, strong bones, muscular, intelligent nature, and gentle character. The coat is thick and dense, with more than 30 different colours, of which the silver-striped variety is particularly valuable.

4. Ragdoll cat

The head is wedge-shaped, the eyes are large and round, the coat is rich, the limbs are long and fleshy, the tail is long, the body is soft, and the coat colour is accent colour, glove colour, or double colour. Ragdoll cats are more gentle and quiet, friendly to people.

5. Maine Cat

The Maine cat is named after the state of Maine in the United States and is the first naturally occurring long-haired cat breed in North America. The Maine cat has a strong body and thick coat, similar to the Siberian forest cat, and is one of the larger breeds of cats.

The Maine cat is a good pet with a gentle temperament, is close to people, and is intelligent, independent, and understanding. Maine cats are stubborn, brave, and resourceful, like to be alone, but can get along well with people, and are good pets.

6. Siamese Cat

The Siamese cat is a world-famous short-haired breed of cat. It is native to Siam, now known as Thailand, hence its name. The Siamese cat is known for its strong ability to adapt to its environment, its vigorous and active personality, its resourcefulness and flexibility, and its exceptional curiosity and understanding.

It requires constant affection and care from its owner and is loyal and affectionate in return. If separated from its owner, it may become depressed and even die.