The Bahamas is one of three islands in the West Indies.

Although it is considered an island group in the Caribbean Sea, it is not actually in the Caribbean Sea, but in the North Atlantic Ocean outside the mouth of the Florida Straits.

The archipelago consists of more than 700 islands and over 2,400 reefs, covering an area of 13, 939 square kilometres with a population of 360,000. The capital, Nassau.

Most of the Bahamas has a mild subtropical climate, with the Tropic of Cancer running through the central part of the island. August is the hottest month of the year, with average temperatures ranging from 24 to 32 degrees Celsius. January to February is the coldest month, with average temperatures between 17 and 25 degrees Celsius. The average annual temperature in the Bahamas is about 23.5 degrees Celsius and the average annual precipitation is about 1000 millimetres.

There is a wonderful lake of fire on Grand Bahama Island. An oar sparks a thousand fires. Like a thousand fireflies dancing on a lake. It turned out to be a Marine creature called dinoflagellate that was thriving in the lake. It contains luciferase that splashes out of the water, will produce oxidation and emit colourful "sparks" to come.

On the coast of Bimini, there was a stony road that sank five meters into the water. The road was flat and open. It is known as the Way of Atlantis. It has long captured the imagination of people, most of whom suspect that it was created by the ancient Atlanteans.

The island is also home to the famous American writer Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway lived on the island of Bimini for three years and wrote the book The Old Man and the Sea, which won the Nobel Prize in literature. Visitors to the island must visit Hemingway's house, which has become a famous tourist attraction.

Off the coast of Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, entire beaches are made of red coral washed into powder by the sea. Pink Beach has been named the sexiest beach in the world by the US magazine Newsweek. Pink Beach is about three miles long and its most distinctive feature is pink grit.

Smart Bahamians have taken advantage of the island's natural landscape to create a wide range of attractions. People can wade in the shallows of the island and enjoy sea cucumbers and seahorses on the bottom. You can also take a glass gondola to the deep water to watch fish and explore the sea. Bahamians own the world's largest flat-bottomed glass boats, as well as cruise submarines for fish watching.

To get a full view of the islands, you can also take a small "flying bus". The small aircraft flies very slowly, at an altitude of only 200 meters, about the same as an air tour bus.

The Bahamas boasts 100,000 square miles of what is known as the clearest ocean in the world. Faced with the turquoise waters, it was hard for the explorers to resist the urge to dive. With ancient shipwrecks hidden beneath and colourful tropical fish dancing around, the Bahamas seabed is some of the best in the world for diving.

Along the beach is a luxury resort of 25 colourful cottages. The villas are a blend of Moroccan, Indian, and Bali styles. It is also one of the world's top diving destinations.

Stretching 760 miles from 50 miles off the coast of Florida in the northwest to 50 miles off the coast of Cuba in the southeast, the Bahamas comprises more than 700 islands with a total area of 5,358 square miles. Only 30 of the islands are inhabited. In recent years, due to geographical, economic, and cultural factors, various aspects of Bahamian society have been increasingly influenced by the United States.