When winter comes, you want to drink something warm.

A warm hot drink in your hand not only dispels the body's chill but also keeps you energized throughout the day.

These are some warming winter coffees that you can't resist.

1. London Fog Coffee

London Fog Coffee is a drink made with a mixture of Earl Grey tea, milk, and vanilla syrup.

If you like a strong flavor, then Earl Grey tea would be a good match.

If you prefer a lighter tea flavor, you can choose a lighter-flavored English morning tea.

In addition, there are many choices of tea bags, whether it is fruity or spiced, and they can meet your requirements.

Production method.

a. Heat milk/almond milk to 60, the temperature is suitable and will not destroy the nutrition of the milk.

Do not boil, this should be noted! If you use evaporated milk, then you do not need to heat it, you need to boil water to make tea first.

b. Stir the boiled milk with vanilla extract, pour it into a mug, put in the tea bubble, steep for 2-3 minutes and you're done.

2. Brown Sugar Ginger Latte

Brown sugar ginger latte can be said to be very suitable for female friends.

The ginger juice has a spicy taste and the addition of brown sugar will make it taste better.

With the original bitterness of coffee, the whole cup of mellow flavor will be emitted, which is one of the best winter drinks to choose from.

The preparation method is very simple. Just prepare a clean cup, put a spoonful of grated ginger, and a piece of brown sugar.

Then pour in 100ml of boiling water and stir it slightly. Finally, along the mouth of the cup, pour in the heated milk and you are ready to enjoy!

3. Pumpkin Latte

As a pumpkin latte is suitable for drinking alone between meals.

Pumpkin Latte carries an element of seasonality and is best consumed in winter.

The latte flavor in pumpkin is strong and thick, and the fibrous texture of the pumpkin itself can reflect the multiple textures of the coffee when combined with the spices to enhance the flavor.

You can make it at home.

a. Cut the pumpkin into small pieces, steamed softly and steamed, cooled.

b. Take a large cup, almost 500 ml, pour in coffee, and heat water, if you like stronger coffee flavor, you can not heat water.

c. Chop the steamed pumpkin, add milk, cinnamon, and vanilla extract, put it in a blender, and make pumpkin milk puree.

d. Slowly pour the pumpkin milk puree into the coffee, leaving a little at the bottom of the cup, and use a manual milk frother to make fluffy milk froth, and pour over until the latte is ready.

4. Mexican Mocha

On a cold winter day, add some natural flavors to your coffee, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, or paprika.

This is a great choice for a Latin-style mocha.

The preparation is done in 3 steps only.

a. Pour the coffee into a large mug. Add sugar, paprika, and cocoa powder one after another and stir until it becomes smooth.

b. Add whipping cream and stir well.

c. Add cinnamon to decorate and enhance the flavor.

A number of winter hot drinks coffee, but there is always the one you like.