When people go out to travel, they often use various forms of transportation. Here are some relevant introductions.

1. Air travel transportation: It has the advantages of being fast, time-saving, comfortable, safe, and can cross various natural barriers. At the same time, there are disadvantages such as high cost, high energy consumption, environmental pollution, and the inability to reach the interior of the tourist area.

2. Railroad tourism traffic: has the outstanding advantages of large capacity, low price, less affected by climate change, safety, less environmental pollution, etc. But at the same time, there are also affected by the terrain conditions, high cost, long construction period, and other disadvantages.

3. Road tourism traffic has many advantages, such as greater flexibility, the ability to go deep into tourist spots for "door-to-door" delivery, and strong adaptability to natural conditions. It can stay anywhere and anytime and can choose any tourist spot, allowing for the expansion of tourist activities from the point of view.

Additionally, road construction investment is small, occupies less land, and has a short construction period with fast effects. However, there are also some disadvantages, such as a small carrying capacity, high variable costs, higher freight costs, slower speeds, and greater susceptibility to climate change.

4. Waterway tourism traffic: has the advantages of large capacity, low energy consumption, low cost, etc. However, there are also disadvantages such as slower speed, poor punctuality, and poor flexibility, and is subject to a variety of natural factors.

The United States is known for its transportation in the world. Travel to the United States whether it is a plane, train, or car and so on transportation has everything.

It is different from the crowded buses in big cities in China, where people in the city are reluctant to take the bus, but New Yorkers prefer to take the bus or subway. New York City buses are clean, comfortable, safe, and regulated. When you get on any bus, the fare is uniform and the service you enjoy is of a uniform standard.

Subway: The subway has become the new favourite mode of transportation in modern cities. Because it is very convenient, fast, and cheap, however, the subway is not popular in every city. Only big cities like New York have very dense subways, followed by cities like Chicago, Washington, and so on.

Aeroplane: For Americans, if they want to go far away, most people will choose to fly. There are many airlines in the United States, and the flight routes are extensive, and the fares are reasonable, so Americans like to travel long distances by air.

Car rental: It is still relatively convenient to rent a car in the United States because there are many car rental companies in the United States, and you will even see some car rental companies set up counters near airports and large hotels.

Car: Almost every adult in the United States knows how to drive, and almost every household has at least one private car. Americans also prefer to drive private cars when they want to go on a trip. If you have your driver's license and credit card, it is much easier to rent a car.

If you are travelling, there are two reminders to keep in mind: first, prepare a good map so as not to get lost or delayed; second, check the car in advance and make sure to carry repair tools, as simple breakdowns are inevitable.