Egrets are one of the rarest birds today. They are noble and beautiful and live only in unpolluted green ecosystems, so humans rarely see them. Egrets generally breed in summer and autumn, from around March to July each year.

After the nest is built, the female and male egrets begin to mate in the nest, after which the fertilized female will start laying eggs in 1-2 days, and after 24-26 days of incubation, the young egrets will be hatched.

Egret reproduction

1. Egrets are gregarious animals and like to gather together, usually in groups, with a few dozen gathering together for feeding.

During the breeding season from March to July each year, egrets will also gather together for nesting.

2. During the breeding period, male egrets will court females by grooming their feathers, making calls, and doing rocking motions.

If the female does not object, she will become partners and roost together, taking turns to guard the nest for food, etc.

3. Mated egrets will nest in groups on islands near the coast, on rocks on coastal cliffs, or between the branches of small trees.

The nests are built at short intervals, and the nest structure is simple and shallow saucer-shaped, with dead grass stems and leaves as the main nesting materials.

Once the nest is built, the male and female herons will mate in the nest.

1-2 days after mating, they will start laying eggs at intervals of 1 to 1. Egrets generally lay only one clutch a year, with 4-6 eggs per clutch, and the eggs are olive, oval, and round.

5. When the first egg is laid, the egret will start to incubate its eggs in the nest. At that time, the egret takes turns incubating the eggs, with one incubating the eggs while the other goes out to feed.

If the eggs are damaged during incubation, the egrets will continue to mate and lay eggs.

6. The chicks have yellowish body feathers and a light orange beak. The female and the male will take turns feeding the chicks, usually with fish and other aquatic animals.

After 60 days of growth, the chicks can go out to feed with the adults, and after 75 days, the chicks can feed alone.

Where do egrets live

1. Egrets feed mainly on fish and live mainly in coastal islands, coasts, bays, and wetland areas such as streams and bays near coastal areas, and are generally active in gatherings.

2. Egrets are wading birds that feed on small fish, reptiles, and crustaceans in diving, and are mostly out foraging and active during the day.