Hiking is a sport that makes people happy when they walk and more and more people like this sport with its unique charm.

Hikers go into nature and embrace happiness.

They exercise, enjoy the beauty, open their eyes, and gain a happy mood.

However, not everyone can participate in hiking and not all places are suitable for hiking.

If you want to choose a hiking trip, you need to prepare for it in three ways: physical preparation, mental preparation and material preparation.

As the name implies, hiking is a sport that requires participants to rely on their own physical strength and ability to complete.

Everyone's physical condition, health, fitness and age varies, so we must do a good self-assessment before participating in the activity to determine what we can do competently before we choose to participate.

For those who want to participate in hiking, choose activities that match your physical condition, and act according to your ability is a prerequisite for participating in hiking.

Outdoor activities are risky.

The dialogue with nature and the embrace of nature are both fun and risky, and require good psychological quality.

Trekking is divided into two categories: commercial and public service.

No matter which category it is, it requires participants to be self-disciplined and self-managed.

The primary principle of the outdoor hiking circle is to control oneself and not to cause trouble to others, and it is also a necessary quality for everyone who takes part in the hiking trip.

Everyone must obey and trust the leader.

In hiking activities, the authority of the leader is absolute. This is the consensus of outdoor people.

In trekking, trekking shoes, hiking bags, and trekking poles are essential, which are related to the good or bad personal travel experience.

We recommend being equipped with good quality and cost-effective products.

Other items can be appropriately equipped according to personal conditions, such as quick-drying clothes, sun hats, magic bandanas, water cups, rain gear, food, etc. The choice varies from person to person.

Hiking is a gradual process, so if you are just starting to join outdoor hiking, make sure you don't rush into it.

If you don't have hiking skills, your knees can be easily damaged.

Compared with the elaborate hiking routes in Europe, the Americas hiking routes are more like large wilderness survival sites, and many of them are even labeled as "wilderness spirit", attracting a group of people who want to find themselves.

Try to change and are brave enough to challenge themselves to embark on a lonely and free journey here.

Hikers should continue to learn and summarize their hiking experience in practice to truly combine leisure, recreation, health, and safety.

Only when you put your safety and health first can you go hiking further afield.

Not only do we need to know these outdoor experiences, but we also need to put them to practical use, which is the only way to truly apply what we have learned so that we can protect our knees.