The fox has a body length of about 45-90 cm, a tail length of 25-60 cm, and a weight of 2-10 kg.

The largest is over 15 kg.

Females are slightly smaller than males.

The body is medium and well-proportioned, with slender limbs and toes, conducive to fast running.

The head and palate are pointed, the face is long, the nose is prominent, the ears are pointed and erect, the sense of smell is keen, and the hearing is well developed.

The canines and cleft teeth are well developed, the upper molars have distinct cusps, and the inner lower molars have small cusps and heel cusps.

The hair is thick and long, generally unpatterned.

Claws thick and blunt, slightly retractable.

The tail is hairy and generally well developed.

Its habits.

1. Living environment

Foxes have a wide range of living environments and can adapt to forests, grasslands, deserts, mountains, and plains, all of which are distributed.

Foxes often live in rock crevices, tree holes, earth holes, and graves, but they should choose a quiet, comfortable, hidden and safe place.

Foxes mostly use natural burrows as their rooms, but they never make do, they settle down when they're satisfied.

2. Food

Foxes are carnivores, but their diets are complex.

Most of them feed on mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and shrimp.

They eat the fruits, roots, stems, leaves, etc. of plants, often changing patterns and adjusting food varieties.

3. Predation

Foxes have small heads and limited abilities.

They do not have the luxury of hunting like wolves, tigers and leopards.

They can only rely on "intelligence".

They have high IQs, flexible minds and many predatory thoughts.

They always consider several plans before taking action.

If they find danger in predation, they would rather give up their food, suffer from hunger, and run away immediately.

4. Foxes live in dry and clean environments, climb cliffs, and like to be active at night to find food.

5. Longevity

The lifespan of foxes varies by breed, 8-12 years for red foxes, 4-6 years for breeding, and 10-12 years for silver-black foxes.

6. Natural enemies

Natural enemies in nature include wolves, strong rats, hounds, raptors, eagles, eagles, etc.

Common sense about foxes.

Foxes belong to the canine family, but they are naturally timid.

They are nocturnal animals.

They usually sleep during the day and become active between dusk and midnight.

Foxes grow up when they are one year old.

Foxes usually change their fur once a year.

They begin to grow fur in the early fall of each year, and by winter their fur is at its thickest.

They shed their fur again in early spring, and they have the least hair in summer.

Foxes are a common species in nature, and humans and dogs are seen as the main threats to foxes, which have been hunted commercially throughout human history, both for the pet trade and for their fur.