The world is full of mysterious and fascinating places, and Meili Snow Mountain is one of them. Located in China on the southeast edge of the Tibetan Plateau, this snow-capped mountain range is referred to as the "God of Snow Mountains."

With peaks stretching 150 km north to south, Meili Snow Mountain is a breathtaking sight that attracts explorers and adventurers from all over the world.

Meili Snow Mountain is home to Kavagbo Peak, the only peak where climbing is prohibited due to cultural protection. Despite numerous attempts by climbers from China, Japan, and the United States, Kavagbo Peak remains an unconquered virgin peak, standing tall like an iceberg. Its relative height difference is 4740 meters, making it a challenging climb for even the most experienced alpinists.

In January 1991, 17 climbers from China and Japan lost their lives in an avalanche on Kavagbo Peak, marking a tragic page in the history of mountaineering. The remains of the victims were found in July 1998, but their spirits continue to linger in the snowy mountains.

Meili Snow Mountain is a cold temperate mountain climate with a low year-round temperature, distinct dry and wet seasons, and significant changes in climate along its vertical axis.

Above the snow line, clouds and mists are common, while below the snow line, glaciers bury the peaks. The slopes are covered in dense alpine shrubs and coniferous forests, and the valley is home to glaciers stretching thousands of meters. The forest is also full of wildlife, including red pandas, horse deer, and bears.

In the summer, wildflowers on the alpine meadows compete with the rhododendrons that fill the mountains. The most spectacular sight is the Mingyongcha Glacier, named for the nearby village. Many of the snow-capped peaks of Meili Snow Mountain are above 6,000 meters in altitude, with glaciers winding beneath the year-round snow-covered peaks.

Visiting Meili Snow Mountain is a pilgrimage for many people. The picturesque scenery will leave you enchanted, and even if you don't believe it, your heart will follow and the spiritual journey will begin. Whether you're an experienced explorer or just looking for a breathtaking sight, Meili Snow Mountain is a must-see destination.