In the cooking world, the combination of food can often spark the spark of taste buds. Some foods may feel greasy and monotonous when eaten alone, but as long as they are combined, they can make you crave them instantly. This article will introduce the perfect pairings of several groups of foods to see which pair you like.

1. Mango + Soy Sauce

On the scorching streets of Thailand, carts filled with mangoes can be seen everywhere. The stall owner cut open the green and yellow local mangoes neatly packed the yellow pulp in a transparent plastic box, and then put a small box of soy sauce or chili powder and handed it to the diners.

A small dish of soy sauce has the magical power to tame the wildness of mango. The aroma of the fruit and the richness of the soy sauce meet on the tip of the tongue, and the two do not compete with each other but set off each other.

The sweet, salty, and sour tastes are in perfect balance at this moment, giving you the wonderful illusion of salty jelly.

2. Ice Cream + Waffles

Soft and fluffy waffles are also one of the delicacies in the world, making countless girls willing to abandon their weight loss plans and get fatter and fatter on the road of sweets. The grid-shaped pancakes themselves have a soft texture and a sweet smell.

They are matched with various ice creams. In the heat of the scones, the ice cream slowly melts, and one bite is full of calorie happiness.

3. Soy Milk + Churro

When it comes to Chinese breakfast, the first reaction must be soy milk and Churro! Get up in the morning, have a bowl of hot soy milk, and then fold the Churro into sections and soak them in it for a while. The outside is crispy and the inside is tender and chewy.

4. Burger + Coke

How can you eat hamburgers without Coke, eat large pieces of meat and drink Coke? Such a life is simple and happy! Although it is "fried carbonic acid", it is a good time to eat and feel good!

Eat a hamburger first, then drink a coke, the meaty aroma and the stimulation of coke remain between the lips and teeth, it is inseparable! In the hot summer, the temperature is always high, and hamburgers and cola are the best foods to relieve the heat!

5. Lamb skewers + Cumin

Cumin seems to be the savior of mutton skewers by nature. Sprinkling a little cumin on the originally stinky mutton skewers can immediately hide the annoying taste and enhance the fresh and tender taste of mutton.

Looking at the roasted mutton skewers with charred skin and tender meat, foodies can't help but come and add a few skewers and sprinkle them with cumin.

6. Matcha + Red Beans

Matcha is used by all kinds of pastry chefs to match the delicious taste, but the best of them is red beans. The combination of green and deep red brings deliciousness, harmony, and sweetness, which no one can resist.

It's like falling in love, it's inseparable, no matter what shape or shape they are, the taste is always so fresh and moving!

7. Curry + Crab

When it comes to curry, the first thing that comes to mind is crab. The rich Thai exotic flavor in the curry crab, the rich and sour taste, instantly activates the plain taste of "I don't know what to eat every day", as long as you bite down, your mouth will be full of juice.

The curry itself is rich in aroma. Fresh wild sea crabs are stir-fried with classic yellow curry. Thai dishes must be added with pineapple and coconut milk, with a hint of sweet fruit flavor. It is as if you are on a small island in Thailand as if a cool sea breeze is blowing on your face.