Cherries are a favorite fruit of many people, not only good taste, but also have a lot of nutritional value.

1. Anti-anemia, promote blood production

Cherries contain high iron content, located in the first of all kinds of fruits.

Regular consumption of cherries can supplement the body's demand for iron, promote the regeneration of hemoglobin, not only to prevent iron deficiency anemia, but also to enhance physical fitness, brain and educational.

2. Prevention and control of measles

When the measles epidemic, give children to drink cherry juice can prevent infection.

Cherry kernels have sweating and rash detoxification.

3. Dispel wind and win damp, kill insects

The cherry is warm and hot, Both tonic and beneficial, can dispel wind and dampness, rheumatism and back pain has a good effect.

Cherry tree root also has a strong insect repellent, insecticidal effect, can repel and kill roundworms, pinworms, tapeworms, etc..

4. Collecting astringency and relieving pain

Cherry can treat burns, play the role of astringent pain relief, prevent the wound from blistering and pus.

At the same time cherries can also treat light and severe frostbite.

5. Nourish the face of the face. Cherry is rich in nutrition, contains protein, sugar, phosphorus, carotene, vitamin C, etc. are higher than apples, pears, especially high iron content.

Fresh cherries are generally stored for a short time, placed in the refrigerator at about 3 ℃, can be stored for 4-7 days.

Cherry refrigerated suitable temperature is about 1 ℃, relative humidity in 90%-95%.

In this condition, storage period of up to 20 days.

Cherries should be processed before being refrigerated to ensure that the surface of the cherries is free of moisture.

The bottom of the fresh box first lay a layer of kitchen paper, then a layer of cherries, then a layer of paper, so stacked.

In the last kitchen paper surface sprayed with a little water, cover the insurance cover, into the refrigerator, to ensure constant low temperature and high humidity conditions.

Cherry growth on the environment has the following main requirements.


(1) the average daily temperature of the budding period is more than 10 degrees.

The flowering period temperature is more than 15 degrees

The fastest growing new tip temperature is 20 degrees

20-25 degrees after 50-60 days of fruit ripening.

(2) The temperature of the flowering bud period is easy to suffer when it is -5 degrees to -1.7 degrees

The temperature of the flowering and young fruit period is -2.8 to -1.1 degrees.

(3) Therefore, in the process of planting cherries, it is necessary to strengthen the nutrient storage content in the cherry tree, and do a good job of anti-freeze measures.


(1) choose deep, loose, well-ventilated sandy soil for cultivation.

(2) Saline land can not cultivate cherry.

(3) The soil pH of cherry planting place is PH5.6-7.0 suitable.


(1) The soil moisture is too high: the branches and leaves grow, the soil oxygen is not enough, the root system rotten, the tree is weak and dead.

(2) Too low soil moisture: new growth is inhibited, causing premature failure of the tree, low yield, poor quality, and a lot of fruit drop.


(1) Good light: tree health, long fruit life, high fruiting rate, good coloring, high sugar content of the fruit.

(2) Poor light: canopy peripheral branch tips easy to grow, short fruit life, flower bud development is not full, poor fruit quality, low fruit set rate.


Severe winter wind: branches dried, flower buds frozen, affecting insect pollination, cherry folding and falling.