Before doing anything, you need to make a plan, and the plan is very important for success.

1.The role of supervision

People are inert.

If there is no a quantitative indicator, rely on human consciousness to complete a job, it is easy to have some unimaginable deviations, such as: completion of the time lag, the level of quality is reduced, the material wasted, buried hidden dangers ...... and so on.

Therefore, if a good plan is developed, according to the steps of the plan, the requirements to complete a job, the results may be more satisfactory, the plan plays a role of supervision and monitoring, prevention and correction of deviations in the implementation process.

2. Prompt role

The human brain is not a computer, many times when people are busy will forget something.

If a simple planning, and then start to implement, without a specific plan, it is easy to unconsciously or consciously forget or ignore some links.

However, if you start to develop a specific plan to write these links into the plan, you can prompt to a certain stage to do which work.

So, at this point, the work Plan can play the role of prompting.

3. The role of clarifying ideas

The process of developing a work plan is a thinking process, the development of a good work plan, in the mind of a project has basically a spectrum of the heart, "have a plan".

The process of formulating, has been the work of clear thinking, the following do it naturally "water to the water".

Even if there are some accidents, the final result is generally not too different.

4. Memorandum and the role of the record

After a project is done, there are few people to pay attention to it regularly.

If later if the project suddenly appears what abnormal, need to re-implement the project at the time of some details to review and check, if there is no work plan, it is difficult to reflect the original situation accurately.

In this case, the work plan plays the role of a memo, which allows you to identify the problem points more quickly and accurately.

For students, making a study plan needs to be carried out according to the following points.

First, it is necessary to have the right purpose of study.

Every student's study plan serves to achieve his study purpose.

The correct learning purpose is a reflection of the correct learning motivation, which is the internal motivation that drives students to take the initiative and actively learn and overcome difficulties.

Second, the content of the plan is generally divided into five parts.

1.The general purpose, requirements and time schedule of the whole semester study.

2.The purpose, requirements and time schedule of sub-subject study.

The study should be focused, but not partial to certain subjects.

3.The purpose, requirements and time schedule of systematic self-study.

Work opportunities include two aspects: situation analysis and work tasks and requirements.

The former clarifies the work phenomenon and fully understands on what basis the next step is to be taken and on what basis this plan is made.

The latter specifies the tasks to be accomplished and the work targets to be achieved in a certain period of time, according to the needs and possibilities.