It is said that the most suitable travel season in the UK is from May to September, with pleasant weather and longer days. This period also happens to be the graduation season, the opening season, and the restless season for all kinds of teenagers.

The United Kingdom is small in size and convenient for transportation. Many coastal cities and idyllic towns are good places for vacation. This article will give you some recommendations for some of the best holiday destinations in the UK. This summer, leave all your work behind and devote yourself to glamorous England!

1. Brighton

Brighton should be a well-known seaside resort city, and it is also one of the oldest cities in the UK. In Brighton, you can not only enjoy thousands of meters of pebble beaches, but also dazzling fashion shopping stores filling the streets of the city, so it is really a good place for vacation and shopping.

In summer, a whole bunch of Brits goes to Brighton for a weekend or something. Brighton's food is also mouth-watering, with delicious and affordable seafood to keep you entertained.

2. Cornwall

Cornwall, located in the southwest of England, is always mentioned, especially in summer, it has become the preferred holiday destination for the people of England! Golden sandy beaches, azure blue waters, quiet seaside towns, and fascinating fishing villages constitute a picturesque and beautiful world.

There are many scenic views and seaside towns here, perfect for a short vacation.

3. Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is located in the south of England. It is the sunniest island in the British archipelago. The Isle of Wight is diamond-shaped and has 60 miles of coastline. The island's diverse topography and rich history attract tourists and British residents.

The Isle of Wight not only has natural scenery but also has cultural attractions, which are especially suitable for leisure and vacation.

4. Lake District

The British Lake District has been hailed as one of the fifty places worth visiting in a lifetime by the National Geographic magazine in the United States, and is also called by the British their "back garden". In rural culture, there are the most beautiful lakes and mountains in the world, and it is the most beautiful paradise in the UK. Some people say you don't know the real Britain without going to the Lake District.

The Lake District in summer is even more picturesque, go there and you will love it.

5. Isle of Skye

It is said that Scotland has beautiful mountains, waters, and beautiful scenery, and the Isle of Skye, the most famous holiday resort in the UK, is also located here. Skye means "fog" in the Scottish language.

It not only refers to the paradise-like scenery of Sky Island, the clouds that can be touched by reaching the top of the mountain, but also the unpredictable weather of Sky Island. It was raining, and it was clearing up in a blink of an eye. The scenery of Sky Island may be a blockbuster if you take a photo!