Two super mango "sun eggs" sold for 200,000 yen at the 2022 Super premium mango auction in Nichizaki Prefecture.

According to Japanese media, the "Sun egg" mango from Miyazaki Prefecture is known as the "king" of Japanese mangoes after its soft, sweet ripening and gorgeous color. Because the annual production is not much, many times in the auction to sell high prices.

Check out the most expensive fruit in the world

Black watermelon

Price: $121, from Japan, at the flagship store in Sembikiya, Tokyo. The black-skinned, smooth watermelon, which is said to have a special sweet taste, grows only in Hokkaido, Japan's northernmost island, and produces just 100 melons a year. The most expensive one, weighing 17 pounds, sold at auction for $6,100 in 2008, making it the "battle melon" of watermelons.

Sekai - ichi apple

Price: $21. Made in Japan, Sekai-ichi pretty much means "world number one." The most expensive in the world indeed! Wash with honey and pack by hand to avoid damage to freshness. Manual pollination with small sticks is unusual in Japan's rich fruit culture. "These apples are watered with honey, and the tears of the real estate rich."

The pineapple

Price: $1,600. Cornwall, England. The Black Regan Lost Garden took two years to grow using straw, organic manure (animal poop) and horse urine. Don't panic, these pineapples don't have to come into direct contact with animal waste. Using this' Victorian technology ', the pineapples can thrive in the UK's cold weather. Because of the time and effort involved, the pineapples were never released on the market and were instead given to the gardeners who worked so hard to cultivate them.

Strawberry Arnold

Price: $1.4 million, New Orleans. A bowl of strawberries with a 4.7-carat pink diamond goes for $1.4 million, which is what Arno's (96 years old) Restaurant in New Orleans is going for. But for $1.4 million, you'll get more than just diamonds and strawberries. You'll also get to hear a jazz performance.

Northern Territory mango

Price: $50,000 per plate, Sydney. In 2012, a plate of 12 Northern Territory mangoes fetched $50,000 at auction in Sydney. The proceeds were donated to the Australian Prostate Cancer Foundation, the Cancer Council of New South Wales in Sydney and the charity OzHarvest. Australia produces a huge crop of mangoes (7.2 million in 2013 and 2014), so the high price is an act of kindness.