With the beginning of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, there has been a ski upsurge all over the world. Skiing, as a sport for brave climbers, quickly transcended its origin. Let's take stock of the world ski resorts.

St. Moritz ski resort, Switzerland

The ski resort in St. Moritz, Switzerland is considered to be the "magic Holy Land" of alpine skiing, surrounded by four large ski areas. The silver steep slope is the favorite of skiers. They slide down the peak on the snowboard, make a great turn and draw a perfect arc. The sense of stagnation makes people feel like flying. St. Moritz holds various top events and activities all year round, such as ice lake horse racing and Olympic sled racing. There are also 8 five-star hotels and 24 four-star hotels here, which can be called the "headquarters of hedonism". Many celebrities and rich people like to go here for vacation.

Whistler ski resort, Canada

Whistler is not only an excellent "ski paradise" in the world, but also a world-famous resort, with more than 200 high-quality ski trails and two towering magnificent peaks. Skiing here is completely free from seasonal restrictions. Even in warm seasons, you can enjoy the fun of skiing on the glacier at the top of the mountain. However, there are many slopes here, which is not suitable for primary skiers, and the consumption of resorts here is relatively high.

Åre ski resort, Sweden

Åre, located in Jamtland Province in central Sweden, is one of the ski areas that cannot be missed. It is the largest and most well-equipped winter ski resort in northern Europe. The 2007 World Cup alpine ski championship was held here. Åre ski resort has 98 independent trails and 44 mountaineering cable cars, all of which are 98 kilometers long. There are not only challenging cross-country ski slopes, but also gentle ski sites suitable for beginners and children, as well as thrilling helicopter high-altitude skiing. In addition to skiing, it can also carry out dog sledge, snowmobile, ice fishing, cross-country skiing, and other sports.

Titlis, Switzerland

There are more than 30 ski trails in Titlis, Switzerland, and under the guidance of coaches, tourists have the opportunity to challenge non fixed ski sites. It belongs to the Alps and is the highest peak in central Switzerland. It is also a paradise for mountaineers, skiers, and snow watchers. Located in the center of the Alps, Switzerland has 48 peaks with an altitude of more than 4000 meters and more than 200 ski resorts. The Swiss have created many of the highest cable stations in Europe and even the world - the highest cable station in Europe, the highest railway station in Europe, and the world's first 360-degree landscape cable car, so that tourists can integrate into the natural scenery from all directions and angles.

Holmenkollen Ski Jump, Norway

Hemekoren ski jump platform is the largest and most advanced ski jump platform in the world. The 65-meter-high jump platform is built on the slope. The slide is like a huge slide. You can enjoy the spectacular scenery of Oslo and Oslo fjord by climbing on the top of the ski jump platform. You can not only watch the wonderful skiing performance here, but also experience it personally and challenge your courage.