When it comes to red currants, Believe that everyone does not know much. In fact, red currant is a kind of small fruit rich in vitamin C. It also has certain effects on beauty. Let’s learn more about the effects of red currants.

The efficacy and role of red currants

1. Appetizers and digestion

It is one of the important functions of red currants to appetize and digest food and improve human gastrointestinal digestive function, because red currants are rich in vitamin C and fruit acid. These substances can not only stimulate the oral mucosa to promote saliva secretion, but also accelerate gastrointestinal motility and improve gastrointestinal digestive function. It relieves loss of appetite and indigestion in humans.


Red currants is also a delicious fruit that can beautify the skin. This fruit also contains some natural polysaccharides and rich vitamin C, as well as some trace elements that are beneficial to human skin. After people eat this fruit, it can nourish bacterial skin and improve skin health. In addition, improve skin cell elasticity.

3. Delay aging

People eating red currants can not only absorb rich nutrients but also slow down the aging speed of the body, because the anthocyanins, flavonoids and vitamin C contained in it can remove lipid peroxides in the body, and can prevent the body from free radicals and excessive metabolism. The production of oxidized lipids can reduce the damage of these harmful substances to human cells, and regular consumption can improve the human body's anti-aging ability.

4. Relieve cough

Relieving cough, reducing swelling, and relieving pain is also the important role of red currants. It can eliminate a variety of sensitive bacterial diseases in the human body, promote tracheal expansion, and speed up the dilution and discharge of sputum in the body. The soothing effect of eating red currant can prevent upper respiratory tract infections and maintain respiratory health when the seasons change.

Red currants are small fruit rich in vitamin C and also contain anthocyanins. The sour taste of red currants is very strong, so many people use red currants for processing, while white varieties of red currants are sweeter in comparison. Red currants are also a kind of fruit that contains a lot of phenols and other substances.

Red currants can be used to make juice before eating, and red currants can also be made into jams, jelly, and other products.

The difference between red currants and black currants:

1. Needless to say, the color that everyone can see is the most obvious difference between them. These two fruits, one red and one black, are also the origin of their names.

2. You may be curious, just the difference between red and black, is there any difference in taste? The answer is yes. The taste of red currants is sourer and feels very crunchy. Black currants, on the other hand, have a sweeter taste and are higher in sugar than red currants.

3. Another important difference between red currants and black currants is that they are eaten differently. Both red currants and black currants can be eaten directly, but red currants can also be used to make jams, candies, beverages, and other foods, while black currants are mostly processed into dried fruits and used to soak in water or make soups.