Because the fabric sofa feels comfortable, and the color and pattern are particularly rich, it is generally loved. There are many classifications of fabric sofa. Fabric sofa is different from leather sofa. How much do you know about the classification of fabric sofa?

1. Pure fabric sofa: refers to the sofa fabric is all fabric.

2. Combination of leather cloth and sofa.

3. Casual fabric sofa: The design is more suitable for young people, more in line with modern society, more advanced in design, rich in color, diverse in style and wide in choice. Suitable for modern decoration style.

4. European style fabric sofa.

As a necessary furniture for every family, how to choose and buy a fabric sofa?

1. Choose according to your living environment.

As the main furniture of the living room, the sofa should coordinate with the overall layout and layout style of doors, windows and walls to create a visual unified living room.

2. Select according to the feel of the sofa.

Poor quality fabrics may irritate the skin, so when purchasing fabric sofa, remember to touch the surface with your hands, and then buy it when you feel comfortable.

3. Select according to the filler.

The key to the elasticity of the sofa is whether the filler is good or not. The test method is to let the body fall freely on the sofa. If it can bounce up twice, it is good elasticity.

4. Select according to sofa details.

You can judge whether the sofa details are not well done by looking at whether the sofa pillow cover seams are flat and firm, and whether the sofa legs are equipped with anti-skid pads.

5. Select according to the sofa frame.

The quality of the sofa frame is related to the service life of the sofa. During the test, one end of the sofa can be lifted 10cm. If the foot at the other end of the sofa is also off the ground, the quality will pass.

In home decoration, some people will want to buy fabric sofa to make the living room more beautiful and atmospheric. What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying fabric sofa?


1. It is comfortable and breathable.

2. Soft handle, various styles, and versatile styles.

3. The cloth sofa can be disassembled and cleaned, which is very convenient.


1. It is not resistant to dirt. There are dirt and oil stains on it, which can be easily absorbed and cannot be wiped off.

2. It is easy to show old. Generally, after several times of cleaning, the color of the pattern will become very old and easy to deform.

Cleaning method of fabric sofa.

1. Use a vacuum cleaner.

Cloth sofa should not be cleaned until it is dirty. It is better to vacuum every week, but pay attention not to use a vacuum brush when vacuuming.

Because the knitting line on the fabric may be very thin, it is best to choose a vacuum cleaner for dust collection and maintenance.

2. Use detergent.

To use a special cleaner, you can choose a cleaner containing an antifouling agent. It is best to clean it once a year, but you should clean the cleaner without leaving traces, otherwise it is easy to produce dirt.

3. Select the sofa that can be disassembled and washed.

When purchasing a fabric sofa, it is best to choose a fabric sofa that can be disassembled and washed, so that it can be cleaner.