In European and American countries, especially in North America, potatoes have become the second staple food.

The potato is native to the Andes Mountains of South America and was cultivated in southern Peru as early as 8000 to 5000 BC.

The main producers of potatoes are India, China, the United States and so on.

What do you know about the value of potatoes?

1. Nutritional value

Potato nutrition is rich and complete, and its rich vitamin C content far exceeds that of food crops.

Its higher protein, carbohydrate content exceeds the general vegetable greatly again.

Potato has complete nutrition and reasonable structure, especially the molecular structure of protein is basically the same as that of human body, which is easy to be absorbed and utilized by human body, and its absorption efficiency is almost as high as 100%.

2. Economic value

Potato is a kind of food, vegetable, feed and industrial raw material crop with high yield and rich nutrition.

In recent years, potato food processing industry and starch processing industry have developed rapidly.

In the food processing industry, potatoes as raw materials, can be processed into a variety of frozen convenience food and snack food, such as dehydrated products, fried potato chips, frozen French fries, puffed food, etc.

3. Industrial value

Potato deep processing products (starch, whole powder, modified starch and its derivatives) for food, medicine, chemical, petroleum, textile, paper, agriculture, building materials and other industries to provide a large number of rich raw materials.

Because of the characteristics of molecular structure and special properties of potato, its application can not be replaced by other starch products.

Make a snack of potatoes that you'll never regret.

Share a recipe for fried potato cubes, charred and delicious, very easy!

Production method:

Ingredients: potatoes



cooking oil

chili powder

cumin powder




1. Prepare 2 to 3 large potatoes, 2 eggs, 20 grams of starch, and extra oil.

At average temperature, the oil must cover the potatoes.

After you have prepared the potatoes, eggs, starch and cooking oil, prepare the dressing according to your needs.

2. Prepare the potatoes and cut them into chunks.

3. Don't cut them too big, which will affect the taste, or too big for frying.

4. Prepare the egg mixture and pour over the potato cubes.

And then we're going to put 20 grams of starch that we've got on the outside of the potatoes, and we're going to mix it up.

And we're going to mix it up until it's evenly coated, and then we're going to put it aside.

5. Choose a medium heat and start frying.

6. Fry potatoes until brown, about 8 minutes. Remove and drain the potatoes.

Transfer to a plate.

Add a pinch of pepper, cumin and salt, and sprinkle with the prepared scallions.

Easy to cook, soft and delicious, perfect for winter.