The poppet cat is veritably loose each over, like a soft poppet.

It's amenable, quiet, veritably friendly to people, and has a veritably strong forbearance for pain, which is frequently incorrect for lack of pain.

It's veritably tolerant of children's play, which is why it's known as the Ragdoll, making it an ideal house pet.

Ragdoll cats, known as "little fairies among cats", are loved by many people.


Gentle, quiet and obedient, the Ragdoll has a very good personality, soft meow, rich emotions, likes to be with people, and is very friendly to people


Ragdolls generally prefer to move on flat surfaces and are not keen on jumping up and down.


In terms of cleaning, Ragdolls are also free from the shackles of their owners as much as possible.

It can understand the owner's life rhythm very well, and it will do everything it can do by itself.

Always keep hair clean.


A neutered male cat can grow to nearly 10 kilograms, and a female cat can reach 8 kilograms.

Although Ragdolls are docile and have strong endurance, their general physique is not good.

How to raise Ragdoll cats?

1. Prepare a scratching board

Like other cats, Ragdolls need to sharpen their claws.

If the shovel officer does not prepare scratching boards for the Ragdoll, the furniture in the home will be affected.

2. Take a bath regularly

Ragdoll cats love cleanliness very much, but because of their poor stomach.

They are prone to diarrhea, and poop is easy to get on the hair.

Therefore, it is best for the owner to bathe the puppet cat once every 1-2 months, but it should not be too frequent.

Otherwise it will cause the puppet cat to have rough hair.

3. Get vaccinated

Ragdoll cats need to be vaccinated, and they can be vaccinated when they are over 8 weeks old.

4. Selection of cat food

Because the fur of the puppet cat is relatively long.

It is easy to be rough, and the hair loss is very serious, which greatly affects the health and appearance.

Therefore, when the owner chooses cat food for the puppet cat, it is best to choose cat food with deep-sea fish oil to improve the cat hair problem from the diet.

5. Food selection

Because it has a bad stomach, it needs special attention when it comes to diet.

Avoid spicy foods.

Such as chili, mustard, chili oil, spices, etc., these foods will dull the cat's sense of smell.

Avoid high-fat foods.

Greasy food, sweet food such as cake, fried chicken, French fries, etc., can easily cause cats to become obese or sick.

Do you like Ragdolls?