Skincare products and cosmetics are two different concepts, from the positioning and utility are different. The specific differences are as follows.

1、 Skin care products are to protect the skin, is for a certain aspect of skin care, conditioning skin moisture, oil, and nutrients to the skin delivery. Cosmetics are temporary to cover skin imperfections, through a variety of modifications, face beautification, from the visual makeup before and after makeup will be very different, this is the cosmetics to women's very direct charm.

2、 Long-term use of skin care products will make your face more and more beautiful, the skin is getting better and better, while cosmetics are only finishing the face, removing the makeup will be back to its original shape.

3、Cosmetics contain chemicals, so they must be removed, while skin care products do not need them.

With the continuous progress of the social economy and the rich material life, skin care products are no longer something that only the rich can afford in the past.

Nowadays, skin care products have come into ordinary people's homes. It has played a great role in enhancing people's spirit and image. The love of beauty is in everyone's heart, every woman loves beauty, and even men are no exception, they just express it in a different way than we do.

We all have the same perfect skin when we are first born, and as time goes by, we will find that there will be very big differences in skin between people of the same age, some look younger than their actual age, while others are just the opposite. In fact, this is closely related to whether or not to pay attention to skincare.

The human skin starts to degenerate from the age of 14, and after the age of 24, the metabolism of the skin becomes slower and the stratum corneum gradually builds up and thickens.

In addition to age, hormonal changes, environmental pollution, UV radiation, diet, sleep schedule, and improper maintenance can all affect skin health and lead to skin problems. Skin is the measure of a person's health and beauty.

It has been investigated that if one spends 10 minutes looking at a person, the eyes will stay on the face for 7 minutes and on the body for 3 minutes. Whether a person can make a good impression lies in the skin of the face. The skin of the face is exposed to the air for years and years, the ultraviolet radiation, the air floating dirt, dust, bacteria, and other harmful substances stimulate the surface of the skin.

Together with the secretion of oil, sweat, dead cells, etc., these factors can affect the normal function of the skin and even cause skin disease infections, acne, and other skin problems, leading to premature aging of the skin. Skincare then becomes an essential part of our daily life.

Our skin goes through several important transitional periods in its life. After birth, our skin cells divide at the fastest rate and reach a stable stage by the age of twenty-five, which is not the highest rate, but a physiological cycle of about twenty-eight days.

If you start doing maintenance at the age of thirty, then your skin can only continue at the starting point of your thirty years old, if some people wait until the age of thirty or forty years old face wrinkles are very deep before you want to do maintenance, in fact, at this time you use the best skin care products, but also will not return to your skin twenty-five years old such a state, which is why skincare before it is too late a reason.