Sandwich cookies are richer in taste than other cookies, mainly cream, chocolate and cheese sandwich cookies, as well as fruit flavor, matcha flavor. And eat sandwich cookies mainly eat the crispness of the cookie sheet and the delicate feeling of the sandwich material, the top quality sandwich cookie sheet mainly with high quality cereal powder and grease, sandwich is also the top quality cream, cocoa powder. So to judge whether a sandwich cookie is good or not to eat from the taste, texture, raw materials and production process.

The production method of sandwich cookies.

1. Paste preparation.

(1) The first grease heating, so that it is in a molten state, into the mixing tank, while stirring and adding powdered sugar, spices, etc., to mix and evenly, the general mixing time of 5 to 10 minutes. The ratio of powdered sugar and grease without strict regulations, according to the melting point of grease, the weather temperature changes and other reasons and changes, the general situation is about 5.5:1.

(2) Pulp modulation can be sandwiched after, in case the grease becomes cold and solidified. If you do not use up for a while, to be kept at a certain temperature, so that the pulp is always in a soft state.

2. Battering. First, place the cookie with the bottom side up and fix it flat, then apply a layer of sandwich batter evenly by machine or by hand. Be careful to keep a proper gap around the cookie plane to prevent the batter from overlapping and overflowing after the cookie is pressed. Too much paste will make the cookie too sweet or too greasy. Too much batter will result in too sweet or too greasy, while too little batter will lose the characteristics of the product. The general ratio of paste and cookie is 1:3.

3. Sandwich. Take another piece of cookie, put it bottom side down, compound on top of the cookie coated with paste, slightly pressed, so that the two pieces of cookie and paste bonded together.

4. Finished product. Sandwich cookies should be kept in a sealed hear, stored in a dry and ventilated place to prevent the temperature from being too high, so as not to melt or spoil the sandwich.

Sandwich cookie batter tips.

1. grease. The amount of grease in the sandwich paste is high, choose the right grease, whether the key to producing good sandwich cookies.

2. Powdered sugar. Powdered sugar and grease is the main component of the composition of the sandwich batter, its role is to increase the sweetness, improve nutrition. The requirement for powdered sugar is: fineness above 80 mesh. The fineness of the sandwich paste mainly depends on the fineness of the powdered sugar, the higher the fineness, the more delicate the taste, and the opposite will produce a rough feeling. Another advantage of high fineness is that it helps to mix the paste evenly.

3. Vitamins. The addition of vitamins to the sandwich batter is one of the features of sandwich cookies. Most of the vitamins in the high temperature due to heat decomposition, its nutrition is destroyed, this characteristic of vitamins, limiting the use in the cookie, sandwich cookie pulp no longer by high temperature baking, so you can add a variety of vitamins in the pulp as needed, such as vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, etc., to supplement the effectiveness of nutrition. Some vitamins (such as vitamin C) can also play a role in improving the taste and extending the shelf life of the product.

The calorie content of sandwich cookies is relatively high, especially after the production of a variety of flavors of sandwich cookies is even more so, in the sandwich cookies are often a large amount of fat and sugar, these are a large number of calories exist, although the ordinary cookies, the fat content is not high, but after the sandwich can be found in which the fat and sugar content has increased significantly, so that Sandwich cookies are a high-calorie food.