Smoothie is a common cold drink in summer, and it is also a good product to cool down. The smoothie is made from ice shaved by an ice shaver and seasoning, and it melts in your mouth. 

Smoothies, most of which are mainly made of color, fruit powder and ice cubes. Of course, you can also innovate, improve or choose fresh and creative materials to make delicious smoothies. After the smoothie has been improved in taste, ingredients and preparation, it is called Muxi.

The method of making Mian Mian Bing must be done by hand to be delicious. Now this practice is rare, and I call it "fried ice". When making, use a spatula to continuously fry the sugar water in the cooling bucket until the sugar water slowly condenses into a cottony shape, and finally take out the cottony ice and put it into the insulation ice cylinder. Mianmianbing tastes a bit like a smoothie, not as hard and thick as filing ice, and Mianmianbing has quite a few flavors - red beans, mung beans, pineapples, watermelons, passion fruit, etc., only grams Li Mian Mian Bing can add whatever he wants.

Here are some tips on how to make delicious smoothies. The first is hawthorn smoothie, which requires the following materials, hawthorn sauce: 300 grams, white sugar: 60 grams, water: 50 grams, egg whites: 2. First, boil 30 grams of sugar + 30 grams of water into sugar water, pour it into the hawthorn sauce, stir well, pour it into a flat-bottomed container, and freeze it in the refrigerator. Next, boil the remaining 30 grams of sugar + 20 grams of water into 115-degree sugar water, while whisking the egg whites, slowly pour in the sugar water, and whisk the egg whites to a wet foam. Third, when the hawthorn sauce is frozen until semi-solidified, add the beaten egg whites, stir well, and continue to freeze. Finally, take out and stir every 40 minutes during the freezing process.

The second is the strawberry yogurt smoothie. You need 900 grams of ripe strawberries, 1 cup of plain low-fat yogurt (yogurt), 120 ml of fresh orange juice, 1 tablespoon of sugar, garnish: 4 small strawberries with leaves, 4 round orange slices with peel. First, wash, drain, and place strawberries in a food processor or blender. Add yogurt, orange juice and sugar. Set the food processor to highest speed and puree all ingredients. After about 15 seconds, stop the machine and scrape down the puree from the sides of the blender cups, one or two times. Second, for a finer texture, place the whipped smoothie in a colander, fiddle with the smoothie strainer with a wooden spoon, and discard any strawberry seeds left on the strainer. Finally, pour the smoothie into 4 tall glasses and drink immediately. To garnish your drink, cut a strawberry or orange slice in half and place it over the top of the glass.